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Issues with citibank updates? - citi cards

As of about 1-18-2019 I am unable to import credit card transactions into Quickbooks Desktop from QBO files downloaded manually from Citibank's website.  Error message is "Your are trying to upload the web connect file with an account type that QuickBooks does not support.  Please contact your financial institution for details."


I contacted CitiBank phone support a few days ago re this.  They said this was a known issue that had recently arisen and would be corrected in a few days.  It has not been.


Anyone else having this issue?  Any solutions? 


Being able to download C Card transactions into Quickbooks is critical to my business.  


Very difficult to understand why this problem has been allowed to persist.

QuickBooks Team

Issues with citibank updates? - citi cards

Hi there, MK99.

Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this error and letting us know that you’ve contacted Citi bank’s support as well.

Since your financial support confirmed the issue is from their end, I suggest contacting them again to check for updates. While waiting for the resolution, I suggest entering transactions manually to keep your records in tiptop shape.  

For future reference, I’m adding articles that contain detailed instructions on how to fix banking issues:


Stay in touch if you have any questions about online banking. I’ll be around to answer them. Wishing you the best.

Level 1

Issues with citibank updates? - citi cards

I use the desktop 2019 version of QB.... I can download citi card transactions but it downloads over 300 old ones already in the register.... and when I select all / batch actions/ ignore they delete but when I download again they all reappear.... I tried to deactivate the bank feed but then it gives me an invalid customer ID which says it must contain alpha number values.. makes no sense as my user name is my e mail address.... any suggestions?

QuickBooks Team

Issues with citibank updates? - citi cards

Hello there, @kroll.

Thanks for coming to the Community for help. I’m here to share some information about the issue with your Citi Card downloading old transactions in QuickBooks. 

We have not received any reported issue similar to this from other users like you. It’s possible that your financial institution is experiencing technical difficulties causing this problem when downloading transactions. 

QuickBooks is solely dependent on what your bank shares with us. You may want to reach out to Citibank and verify this information. 

In the meantime, you can import transactions using our WebConnect feature. Here’s how:

From outside QuickBooks:
1.    Access your bank’s website through a web browser outside QuickBooks.
2.    Log in to your bank account using your customer ID and PIN or password.
3.    Download and save the online transaction activity via QuickBooks WebConnect (.QBO) file.
4.    Import web connect (.qbo) files.

Within QuickBooks:
1.    Access your bank's website within QuickBooks.
2.    From the Bank Feeds center, choose the appropriate bank.
3.    Select Download Transactions.
4.    A QuickBooks browser window opens and displays your bank's website. Enter your customer ID and PIN or password.

This should get you the most recent transactions.

Please let me know how it goes after contacting your bank. If you need anything else, leave a reply below. I’ll be here to help you out. Take care and have a good one!

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