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Matching Credit Card Transactions with Payments

Hi! I have a corporate credit card that was not linked to my QBO account. Today I set it up as a new account and linked it to my bank so that QB is pulling in my CC transactions, so on my banking home page I see my existing three bank accounts and the credit card account.


I made a payment already from my checking account for the credit card. So in my checking I see a payment of $2,600, and when I click on the credit card account I see each transaction and see a payment of $2,600 in that account. How do I match the payment from my checking to the credit card payment? And how does that not duplicate when I match each individual transaction from the CC?


Thank you,




Re: Matching Credit Card Transactions with Payments

Hello there, @jenuneekor.


Let's go over to your bank feeds to transfer the transactions from the checking account and then match them to the credit card account. Let me show you how: 


  1. Go to the Banking panel and select Banking.
  2. Select the checking account under Bank and Credit Cards.
  3. Click the transaction.
  4. Change the radio button from Add to Record transfer.
  5. In the Select transfer account drop-down, choose the credit card account. 
  6. Hit Transfer or Record transfer.
  7. Choose the credit card account to view the transaction details.
  8. Select Recognized in the For Review tab section.
  9. Locate the transaction and select Match in the action column.

Following these steps should match the payments in your account and avoid duplicates.


For additional reference, you can refer to the following article to review transactions after you’ve matched or added them, as well as to troubleshoot bank transactions: Match and categorize your downloaded bank transactions.


If I can be of further assistance, I'm just a post away. I'll be here happy to help you further. Enjoy the rest of the day!

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Re: Matching Credit Card Transactions with Payments

MaryGrace, thank you! I searched so many ways to figure this out and just couldn't find it. I so appreciate your help!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Matching Credit Card Transactions with Payments

Hello again, @jenuneekor.


It's great to see that you found the information on matching credit transactions to be helpful!


The Community always has your back and a helping hand is just a post away. Cheering you to continued success.