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Multiple Class Sales Receipt Import

I'm trying to import data with multiple classes from Excel into a sales receipt.  When I import, the first class on the list is entered into the class field at the top to the right of the customer field which auto-populates each line of the sales receipt with that single class instead of the classes that were entered on the transaction lines of the import.  Is there any way to import distinct classes at the transaction line level in a sales receipt?  I'm using QB Mac 2015 desktop.  

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QuickBooks Team

Multiple Class Sales Receipt Import

Thanks for posting your question in the Community, RichMoney.

How are things coming along? I’m here to share some information about importing data.

Were you able to import data with multiple classes from Excel into a sales receipt in QuickBooks for Mac?

You can transfer data to or from different platforms by using the IIF method. To know more about importing or exporting data using IIF, refer to this article:

Since each line item of your sales receipt was auto-populated by a single class instead of the class entered on each item, I’d suggest getting in touch with Customer Care team for assistance in mapping your data before importing it.

You can follow the steps below to contact support:
1.    Go to
2.    Select your QuickBooks product.
3.    Select a topic.
4.    Click the green Get Phone Number box to see support’s phone number.

Please let me know if you need anything else. I’ll be here to help. Enjoy your day!

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