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Occasional transactions from bank feeds not recording in register

I regularly find my QuickBooks Desktop bank balance out of sync with my online banking balance. Most of the time the issue ends up being transactions that for some reason are missing from the QB register. I just dug into the last month, and found two payments missing from the QB register. I am downloading transactions through the Capital One bank feed. One transaction was from a month ago, and another from about a week ago. All of the other transactions are correct however. I then downloaded a .qbo WebConnect file to try to just capture those missing transactions. One worked fine. The second showed in the import, and I categorized and save it, but once again it is missing from the register and the balance is off by that amount. 


What exactly is the use of accounting software which cannot correctly and consistently record bank transactions? 

QuickBooks Team

Occasional transactions from bank feeds not recording in register

Thank you for contacting us, asore.


Great job for downloading and importing those missing transactions to resolve this. 


Occasionally, this happens if there are potential background issues with the bank during the period or download times. It's always recommended to double-check the periods to make sure there are no missing transactions from the download.


Our Online Banking Team are always working to minimize any disruptions, but unfortunately, this can still occur. Just make sure to check your bank feeds before adding or matching entries. This is to ensure your bank statement matches the ones in QuickBooks.


I've added this article: Add and match Bank Feed transactions to help categorize your income and expenses in QuickBooks Desktop.


Keep me posted if you need additional information and I'll get back to you.

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Occasional transactions from bank feeds not recording in register

Translation: QuickBooks frequently does not perform the essential functions for which it was designed, and for which our customers pay us money. We are not going to do anything about it however, as we really just don't care about our customers, or making software of remotely decent quality. 

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Occasional transactions from bank feeds not recording in register

Really, what a garbage response. Did you read what I wrote? I downloaded those exact transactions and yet again QuickBooks lost one of them. Don't blame this on the bank; the bank has always had a correct record of my transactions and has always passed those to QuickBooks. 


I have continued to have my business transactions downloaded into Quicken as well, just as a fail safe. I have never had these issues with it, so once again, stop blaming the banks for the garbage software that Intuit puts out, and their unwillingness to effectively address the most basic issues. 

QuickBooks Team

Occasional transactions from bank feeds not recording in register

I understand your sentiments regarding our Online Banking feature, @asore

All the functionalities and features in the product underwent a thorough review and test before it’s added. I can send feedback to the appropriate team members and have this checked on our end. 

While doing so, it’s recommended to perform some initial troubleshooting solutions. Make sure to create a backup copy of the company file to avoid any accidental data loss. 

Once done, update QuickBooks and Internet Explorer to the latest release. This ensures we’re meeting the system requirements set for uploading and importing data. 


Let’s start with the first solution which is to download the Web Connect file directly from the bank, not inside QuickBooks. Here’s how:

  1. Go and log in to your bank’s website.
  2. Download the QBO file from there.
  3. Then return to QuickBooks and follow the import process. 

If you’re able to import the transaction successfully, initiate a connection reset for your bank. Otherwise, follow the solutions 2-5 provided in this article to complete the troubleshooting: Fix Web Connect import errors.


Please let me know how this goes and if there's anything else you need. I'm here and ready to help. Have an awesome day!

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