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Overdue deposits are more than the difference between qb and the bank?

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QuickBooks Team

Overdue deposits are more than the difference between qb and the bank?

Welcome to Community, @csm04lsr-gmail-c.


I have some information about why your QBO account doesn't match your bank statement. There are possible causes you can check, such as the following:


  • Someone entered an incorrect ending balance at the start of the reconciliation.
  • There are missing or duplicate transactions in QuickBooks.
  • Someone entered transactions into QuickBooks that hasn't cleared your bank yet.
  • If you disconnect and reconnect an account from online banking, QuickBooks may download duplicate transactions. If you already reconciled the original transactions, QuickBooks will count them twice.

Depending on the caused mentioned above, you'll want to:

  1. Review the opening and beginning balance.
  2. Check the ending balance you entered.

  3. Combine multiple transactions into a single transaction.

  4. Narrow your search and eliminate what you know is correct.

  5. Enter transactions that aren't in QuickBooks.

  6. Find transactions that aren't on your bank statement.

  7. Review transactions that are slightly off.

I suggest checking out this article for the step-by-step instructions with screenshots: Fix issues during a reconciliation in QuickBooks Online.


For future reference, let me share this guide to help efficiently handle banking transactions. From there, you'll find links about fixing reconciliations and other online banking issues: Banking.


If you have any other concerns or questions about QuickBooks, leave a comment below. I’m here to answer them for you. Take care and stay safe.

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