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Society of Play
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Purchases done through PayPal

I routinely pay for things online using my debit cards, but through PayPal. This results in an identical incoming and outgoing transfer in my PayPal transactions for every purchase done this way (see included screenshot). These charges are already categorized over in my bank account transactions, but how do I handle these in the PayPal transactions? Basically, I need to associate them so they cancel each other out, I guess.


OR, do I keep the "purchase" on PayPal, and consider the payment from my bank account to PayPal as a "transfer"?

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Purchases done through PayPal

That is right, Society of Play.


You'll want to record the incoming and outgoing transactions to PayPal first. Then, take the payment from your bank account to PayPal as a transfer. Then, it becomes a matching entry to the PayPal transaction. See more info about the Connect to PayPal app. Then, go to this section: What should I do with transactions connected to a bank account?


Feel free to reach back out if you have other questions in mind.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Purchases done through PayPal

@Society of Play 

As another option, explore this connector to reconcile your data easily.



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