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QB Mac 2016 How To Manually Change THIS Month's Beginning Balance?

The third month after doing a rebuild, I'm coming back to my original Reconciliation question:

How can I manually change the beginning balance for THIS month? (I used to be able to do this until the past year, or distant update...)


Ok, now, I appear to 'balance'.


However, the past 2 months my beginning balance matches my ending balance so I automatically 'reconcile'. (I think.)


I just wish I could change the beginning balance one month by hand to reset it to match my bank statement.


The register at eom is 'close' to the bank statement at eom. I can only see that at eom, though, after-the-fact. But I wish I could see my QB register reconcile to the exact penny. So, I know daily that my finances are tracking with the bank. Then, I'd know all my manipulations are true and accurate, not falsified or imagined by me.


I would just like to go in by hand and change the QB Reconcile beginning balance for the register to match the beginning balance noted on the banking statement.


I.e. Whatever balanced out for THIS month as Ending Balance does NOT appear next month in QB as my Beginning Balance. Instead the QB BB always matches the same month's EB, in the exact amount of items I clear against my bank statement that same month. QB gives the illusion of balancing every month--but not by matching the bank statement.


[Yes, upgrading to the latest software is ideal; however, it's way too expensive for this sole proprietor who only wants QB to add and subtract for me in the log because I cannot, no matter how hard I try.}

(Fortunately, the bank statement shows more in the account than I can account for in the register!)

I'm sure that's probably of no help...


Thanks for thoughts on one-time manual manipulation. Or, on why QB is NOT saving this month's end balance to display next month as beginning balance?


Thanks anyone for the help!


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QuickBooks Team

QB Mac 2016 How To Manually Change THIS Month's Beginning Balance?

Hello there, @josefklus.


My colleague, AileneA, have already answered a similar question you've posted. You can view her answer through this link:, where she explained everything you need to know about fixing your bank's beginning balance.


Also, you can check out these articles that'll help you fix reconciliation issues:


I'm just a few clicks away if you have additional questions. Have a great day!

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