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Quick Books Desktop Premier bank feed for USAA.

Has anyone actually got this to work? List shows USAA- New but USAA IT dept is not aware of bank feed for Quick Books only with Quicken. If this works please explain how you did it.


Quick Books Desktop Premier bank feed for USAA.

Hello @DL,


Thank you for posting here in the Community. I'm here to provide some clarification about connecting USAA accounts to QuickBooks Desktop.


Currently, QuickBooks only supports USAA Federal Savings for Bank Feeds. I recommend contacting the bank to see if they can allow the connection to your USAA account type in our program.


When you connect an account to QuickBooks, it's required to turn on online services from your bank's end. Our system needs the approval of your financial institution to link successfully.


For additional reference, you can use the following articles to learn about uploading bank transactions using Web Connect files, as well as how to resolve issues you may encounter along the process:



Drop me a comment below if you have any other questions regarding the banking feature in QuickBooks. I'll be more than happy to help. Wishing you a good one.

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Quick Books Desktop Premier bank feed for USAA.

Hello, I just spent forty minutes with tech support at USAA Savings Bank- Credit card support.

The rep was able to determine that USAA Savings Bank only supports

Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks- Self Employed.

USAA does not support Quickbooks Desktop which I have used for twenty years.

USAA does support Quicken which is what I used for personal accounting for years.

I have moved all my accounting to Quickbooks where there is no support for my

desktop program, Are people not using Quickbooks Desktop any more?

QuickBooks Team

Quick Books Desktop Premier bank feed for USAA.

Thanks for joining the thread, @johnregester.


To fix this, I'd recommend getting in touch with your bank to confirm if the account type affected is supported. If so, we can check your Financial Institution (FI) Directory file.


There are times that your bank's name won't appear in the FI list for QuickBooks Desktop.


Usually, this happens when your FI Directory file (FIDir.txt) is outdated and needs to be refreshed. I've got you some steps to resolve this issue. 


Here's how:

  1. Refresh the FI list by closing QuickBooks.
  2. Re-open QuickBooks, then re-setup Online Banking.

Next, verify your banking information. I'll guide you how:

  • Use the search field of the Online Banking Assistant.
  • Make sure to look for the formal name of the bank.
  • Check for any typographical errors in the name you entered.
  • Ensure your financial institution supports Online Banking for QuickBooks.
  • Make sure you have the updated version of QuickBooks. To check, go to the QuickBooks menu then Check for QuickBooks Updates.

Then, let's force a new FIDir.txt file to load:

  1. Close QuickBooks, then open the User\Library\Application Support\QuickBooks\Downloads folder. Keep it open and in view.
  2. Drag FIDir.txt and FI.Blueprint.xml to the Trash to delete them. Empty the Trash.
  3. Open QuickBooks, then check the Downloads folder.

The Patcher should appear, then disappear. Please ensure that the FIDir.txt and FI.Blueprint.xml also appear. 


I've added an article that will help you in categorizing and matching your bank transactions: Add and match Bank Feed transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.


You can always tap the Community Team if you need more help in managing your bank transactions. As always, assistance is just one comment away.

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Quick Books Desktop Premier bank feed for USAA.

Hello Maybelle,

Thank you

I was told by a senior tech support rep at USAA Savings Bank that she verified the facts above.

USAA currently does not support Quickbooks Desktop. USAA does support Quicken.

USAA does support the "Quickbooks Online" version.

I have Quickbooks software on my computer.

I do not go online to access my Quickbooks files.


The USAA tech support person told me that was the problem.

There is some difference between "QB Online" and "QB Desktop" that is the

source of the problem.

Thank you,



Quick Books Desktop Premier bank feed for USAA.

Hello there, John. Thanks for getting back to us.


Since USAA is not supported to QuickBooks, you'll want to manually import your bank transactions using the .QBO format.  This way, you'll be able to bring your bank transactions to QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). Here's how:


  1. Sign in to your bank and download the transaction as .QBO file.
  2. Then, in your QBDT. Go to the File menu
  3. Select Utilities then Import and then click Web Connect Files.
  4. Click the .QBO file you saved, then select Open.
  5. Select your bank account.
  6. Click Continue
  7. You should see a dialogue box telling you that the data has been successfully read into QuickBooks and select OK.
  8. Then, go to the Bank Feeds Center.


For more details, please check this article: Import web connect (.qbo) files. Another way is to manually enter them into the program and may require your time and effort when recording them.


I recommend reconciling your accounts using this guide: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Desktop.


The Community team is always here to help you. Just let me know by commenting below. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Level 2

Quick Books Desktop Premier bank feed for USAA.

To tell someone to just enter the transactions is a copout. Entering tens or hundreds of transactions every month is just ridiculous. Quickbooks should make our desktop version truly usable. All of the "official" suggestions are just employees ending a conversation on a positive note. It doesn't solve the problem!!


Level 1

Quick Books Desktop Premier bank feed for USAA.

I don't have the option for transferring files into a "*.QBO" format. The only option that USAA provides is "*.csv" file format. 


BTW - I own Quickbooks Pro Desktop and was unable to connect the bank feeds function. While I did contact Customer Support, their only solution was to use the monthly statement and manual enter everything. I have now tried to export the data, but didn't find the QBO format. 


Would you mind sharing if there is a current solution for uploading transactions with only a csv file?


Thanks in advance, RB

QuickBooks Team

Quick Books Desktop Premier bank feed for USAA.

Hello there, RB2021.

Thanks for reaching out to the Community about your banking concern. I’m here to guide you on how to import your USAA transactions into QuickBooks.

Since you’re unable to import the entries via a CSV file, I suggest using a third-party app to convert your CSV file to.QBO format. This way, you can import the entries smoothly.

You can visit the Intuit Marketplace to check for an app to achieve this. This is a place where users can find add-on applications that are approved by Intuit.
To find one, enter a keyword in the search field. Then hit the View Profile menu to learn more about the program.

You can bookmark this article for future reference. It covers detailed information about the Bank Feeds feature. From there, you’ll see the link for each task: Get started with Bank Feeds for QuickBooks Desktop.

Reach out to me again if you have any clarifications or other concerns. I’ll get back to make sure you’re taken care of. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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