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Quickbooks online Intuit will not link to paypal

I am having issues getting paypal linked to my intuit online account. I have all my regular banks and cards good to go. When attempting paypal i get the following error:

" We couldn't connect to PayPal at this time
A connection already exists for PayPal merchant (G976A67ETHGCA)"

I have tried:

- Using a different computer browser.

- Using the phone app.
- Calling QBOnline support (she stated my old QBOnline account that I mentioned from 2017 may be blocking it since paypal was linked to that one, she directed me to merchant services to unlink it)

- Merchant Services, unlinked my old account from its merchant services.

- tried again, still getting the same error.

- waiting 15 minutes, tried again, same error.

I have read through multiple fixes on here and google, but they have not worked. during the connecting process everything works fine, and says it is connected.

If i click "return to intuit" after setup  it sends me back to QBO and gives me the error, when closed out, paypal bank account is not linked/listed.

If I retry setup and click "continue to paypal to setup your business" it takes me to paypal and behaves like I do not already have a paypal business account set up, even though it is already logged in.

any ideas on what I need to do to fix this?

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks online Intuit will not link to paypal

Greetings, Schuggtf!


Thanks for letting me know about the steps you've taken to resolve this. It can help me identify which other resolutions to test out. I'll be your guide through ensuring your PayPal account will be connected to QuickBooks Online. 


The troubleshooting you've performed can generally fix the inability to connect Paypal into the program. Since none of them work, I'd recommend giving us a quick call. Our dedicated team can securely access your account and has the necessary tools to double-check what's causing this to happen. 


You can also copy the link of our thread in the address bar above and give it to the specialists. This way, there isn't a need to re-explain the situation. 


Our most-up-to-date contact details can be found here:


Get help with QuickBooks Online


By taking this route, you should be able to connect your PayPal account into QuickBooks Online in no time. 


Don't hesitate to let me know how the call goes. I'd be here to help you, anytime!

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Quickbooks online Intuit will not link to paypal

I thought I came back and posted my solution but it looks like it did not go through.

I tried a 3rd browser the following day and it finally worked. The browser that worked was chrome!


Quickbooks online Intuit will not link to paypal

Thanks for keeping us posted, Schuggtf.


We're glad to know that you're now able to link your QuickBooks Online (QBO) with Paypal. 


Please know that you're always welcome to visit us again anytime you need help with Online Banking. You have a great day a haead.



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