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Quickbooks Online Vendor Direct Deposit - How do I edit the transaction to include a Project?

I recently setup several vendors to be paid via direct deposit and then paid two of them.  Unfortunately there is no project/job field when making the payment, only account.  I tried to edit the transaction to add in the project the expense should be applied to but it won't let me update the transaction and i get an error message that says to make an adjusting journal entry as the direct deposit has been made and therefore can not be voided.  There is no field in the adjusting journal entry to apply the journal entry to a customer as well.


Any suggestions?


Level 1

Quickbooks Online Vendor Direct Deposit - How do I edit the transaction to include a Project?

I'd love to know the answer to this as well. I used to create a vendor bill which allowed me to tag the customer and then I applied the bill to the payment, but today I'm suddenly not able to do that anymore. 

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Online Vendor Direct Deposit - How do I edit the transaction to include a Project?

Hello everyone,


Thanks for being part of the Online family. Let me help ensure you’re able to add the projects to your expense.


Since we aren't able to gather personal information in the Community to pull up your account, you'll need to contact our QuickBooks Online Support Team for help with correcting the direct deposit transaction and making sure that the expenses are billable to your customer/project. The most up to date phone number for support can be found here: Contact support (US only).


For future reference, you can bookmark these articles about creating a billable expense, processing direct deposit, and entering adjusting journal entry in QBO:

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have further questions about working in QBO. I'll be glad to keep helping. Have a great day ahead.

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Quickbooks Online Vendor Direct Deposit - How do I edit the transaction to include a Project?

Unrelated really to your issue, I am finding some issues with the Projects.  I went to the testdrive QBO to play around a bit.  using Amy's Bird Sanctuary as the main customer, I created one project.  After creating 1 project I tried to issue a bill and record it to this new project.  The project did not show up in bill entry, only the main customer.  so, as a test, I went in and made a 2nd project for this same customer.  Then, I went back and tried to add another bill and lo and behold, the 1st project shows now but the 2nd one does not.  It's like the 1st project is invalid for some reason.. like we need to have a dummy project first and then add.. only that can't be right because when you add a 2nd project, the 1st one shows up but the 2nd one does not.  Projects obviously need an amount of work by QBO to clean them up.


As to your question, if you are paying them by direct deposit and then entering this when it downloads from the bank..  you can edit it there and add it to the customer/project if this is a pymt you are making... if this on the other hand were a deposit that you wanted to enter that did not go through Customer:Receive Payment.. your out of luck.. there is no way to add a project from the bank downloads for money coming in that I see on the test drive.


It does appear that if you set up a recurring transaction for a check.. and schedule it.. that you can add this to a project.  If you pay the vendor the exact same amount every month, you can set this recurring transaction up to post... would that duplicate the ACH .. is the ACH through your payroll or bank?  If it would not duplicate the entry.. simply make a recurring transaction for it.. set it to post on whatever day you pay or a few days before that.. and charge that to your customer/project.... This still does not negate the issue of the projects showing up.. and needing to make more than one project.. This may be an issue of the test drive only.... I will perhaps test it in a live QBO but I hesitate to play in a live set of books.

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