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Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

I am beyond livid with QB!

After an hour on the phone with them they basically gave me two options:

1.  Read the articles we'll email you and try to fix the problem on your own.

2.  Pay $90 for 90 days of support!


Are you kidding me?  After paying hundreds of dollars for this program I'm told in order to get support I need to pay $90 when they can't assure me they can even fix my problem!  This is the 2nd time I've called in 3 years and this is how they treat people?


Naturally I picked option 1 and had him stay on the line while I read the email.  The 1st email was basically the history behind bank feeds...totally useless.  The 2nd email had links I needed to click on and wouldn't you know it, none of them worked!


Guess what his response was.  That's right, PAY FOR THE SUPPORT THEN!!! 

Well isn't that just perfect.  


I don't know if this helps but I was getting error 107, then 88888 and now I'm getting error codes CC334.  


Please, if anyone knows anything, I'm begging you to let me know.  


Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

Thanks for keeping us posted, handyman123.


Allow me to give updates about the Error messages you're getting when trying to connect to Capital One. 

I appreciate you for providing us a detailed information about the error codes you're having. I've checked the error code specific for the CC334, but haven't found reported cases similar as yours.

I understand that you've already reached out to us about this matter. Yet, the best thing that we can do is to give our Customer Care a quick call. They can pull up your account in a secure environment and take a closer look and create a new investigation about this issue for you.


Here's how you can reach out to our support: Get help with QuickBooks Online.


We appreciate your patience for this. Let me know if there's anything else you need or if you have other questions when connecting bank accounts. I'll be here to help.

Level 3

Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

Are you suggesting that I do what I just did?  That was a complete waste of time.  


Is there a different department I can speak with?

QuickBooks Team

Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

Hello there, @handyman123.


Capital One has a lot of different account types you can connect with QuickBooks. With that being said, allow me to make sure you’re able to connect the correct bank account successfully and stop the error notification you’ve been receiving.


For starters, banking related concerns usually require troubleshooting steps that need to be performed more than one attempt and takes time to be resolved. Often, these errors can be fixed by making sure that QuickBooks Desktop is under the latest version.


On the other hand, there are two possible you’ll be prompted with error 107:

  • If you‘re trying to connect an account for the first time. An error 107 means you have a valid login for Capital One but the choice you chose is not the correct one for accounts you currently have at the bank. To solve this, you simply need to retry connecting to a different Capital One listing.
  • If you have multiple accounts under a single Capital One login, and some of them are already connected to a QuickBooks Online account and they are returning an Error 107, chances are they have authorized one or more of the presences at the bank.

If you haven’t tried the troubleshooting steps on fixing error 107 provided by my colleagues above, I recommend giving it a try.


Here’s how: 

  1. Back up the QuickBooks company file.
  2. Open and close QuickBooks.
  3. From Lists in the upper left-hand corner, choose Chart of Accounts.
  4. Mark the Include inactive check box from the Chart of Accounts.
  5. Right-click the account that needs to be deactivated then click Edit Account.
  6. Click the Bank Feed Settings tab.
  7. Select Deactivate all online services.
  8. Hit OK.
  9. Select Save & Close.
  10. Close and reopen the company file.

Once QuickBooks is updated and your bank is deactivated, let’s proceed with setting up a new account for Bank Feeds.


Here's how:

  1. Go to Banking, choose Bank Feeds.
  2. Click Set Up Bank Feed for an Account.
  3. In the Enter your Bank’s name field, type in Capital One Bank - New. Note that as you type, QuickBooks displays names that match what you’ve typed so far.
  4. Type in your bank‘s log in credentials.
  5. Click Connect. 
  6. Select the account (s) you want to connect to QuickBooks and click Connect.
  7. Click Close after the ‘Success!’ screen opens.

Once your account is connected successfully, you can now download your latest bank transactions via the Bank Feeds center.


That should do it, @handyman123! Keep in touch with me to let me how it works on your end. I’m always here to make sure we’re on top on every issue you have.

Level 3

Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

It is now December 2018 and I am having the EXACT same problem. QB took an hour just to figure out that we no longer had tech support and then clammed up right after she almost admitted this is a known issue. I have another thread going elsewhere, but in case a rep is still monitoring this, it's obviously a known issue.


I have spent four days trying to connect a Cap One account to QB Desktop and I'm done. Obviously both parties know something's wrong, but no one wants to admit it because they don't want to lose customers. It's beyond frustrating and made me look like an idiot in front of my client. Also it has cost me money now because of the hours I can't bill that I spent trying to get a solution for this issue.

Level 3

Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

My client doesn't have tech support, so I just downloaded a trial of QBDP 2019 and it looks like the Bank Feed to Capital One works, so I will advise my client to upgrade.


I wish someone would've just admitted Capital One bank feeds don't work with older versions because I've spent three days on this now.

Level 3

Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

Hello Nolabookkeeper,


Thanks for responding, I'm glad it seems to be working for you.


Are you running multi-user like I am?  I'm not crazy about spending $500 on an upgrade when I'm running a program that's only 2 years old.



Level 3

Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

Hello juVielL,


Sorry, I tried that today and still getting the error code 107.


I wonder if there is a correlation between those who are experiencing problems and those who have more than one user associated with the credit card account.


Under my Capital One account I have two others who have credit cards issued to them, with different credit card numbers.  Those of you who have experienced problems, any chance you have more than one card linked to that account?


QuickBooks Team

Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

Hi there, @handyman123.


I appreciate the efforts you put to reply on this thread, so we'll be updated with the details for the error 107 you're encountering with Capital Bank. I have some information to add that should help you with getting along this issue.


While having more than one user associated with the credit card account may also causes the error 107, I suggest reviewing some steps below to verify. There are multiple Capital One offerings (account/card type) and after the customer entitles a group of accounts at the FI, when comparing account types, they don't match that offering they selected.


That is why, it's a possible reason that this error is showing up because while the login to the FI was successful, the card/accounts selected was incorrect or doesn't match the account types at the FI.


Please make sure to select the proper offering/card type for the accounts you're trying to connect. Many FI's have a large number of connections to choose from. While their login might be able to access many/multiple accounts, when connecting in QBO, they need to add based on individual account and its type.


Another solution is to try adding the account again, but this time choose a different offering for that bank. For example, select Business instead of Personal. You can follow the steps provided by my colleague @juVielL to set up the account with other offering.


This isn't the kind of service we want you to experience and please know that we value your patience while we're trying to resolve your concern.


This information should clarify you with this possible cause of getting an error 107. Let me know how things go and if you have further questions by leaving a reply on this thread. I'm always here to help. Have a nice day!

Level 1

Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

I've just read this entire thread, including the (utterly useless) replies by QuickBooks personnel.  We have the same issue (December 18, 2018 - MONTHS AND MONTHS after this thread began).  We are trying to add a brand-new Capital One SPARK Card to our QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2019 installation.  In Bank Feeds setup,  at Step 1: Find Your Bank, as soon as we click on ANY of the Capital One links ("Capital One - Credit Cards" or "Capital One - New"), we instantly encounter the error window stating "SORRY, WE'VE RUN INTO A PROBLEM - QuickBooks is having trouble connecting to Capital One" - we never get a window to enter credentials.


The worse part of this is the succession of similar complaints and boilerplate responses from QuickBooks people, including multiples of the same response to different people with the same problem.


OBVIOUSLY there is a system-wide problem here that QuickBooks personnel lack the honesty or personal integrity to admit to.  I remember when Intuit actually made an effort to support its customers.  What an awful disappointment it is to see what you've descended to.


Bank Feed Setup Capital One Bank Error 107

We appreciate you for keeping us posted, IntervaleGroup.


I'd love to help resolve the error message you're getting when trying to add a brand-new Capital One to QuickBooks Desktop 2019.


There are several reasons why you're getting the error message saying "Sorry, we've run into a problem. QuickBooks is having trouble connecting to Capital One Bank - New." Among these are:

  • Financial Institution is having a system maintenance.
  • There is a problem with your internet connection.
  • Unsupported QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • There is a problem with one or more accounts in your company file.
  • There is a problem with the download/ import format.

Once you identify the specific cause, here's an article that provides additional troubleshooting options on how to fix OL and OSL Bank Desktop: Fix OL and OLSU Bank Feeds errors in QuickBooks Desktop.


I’ll keep an eye out for your reply in case you have additional questions while working with bank feeds. It would be our pleasure to help.

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