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Bank Feeds

Can I sort accounts in Bank Feeds? We have checking, certificate of deposit, and credit card accounts. I would like to put them in that order. Now the CDs are mixed in with the checking accounts.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Bank Feeds

It's nice to have you here on the Community page, @WebeRE.


I'd be glad to help share information about the arrangement of the accounts on the Bank Feeds page.


Usually the sequence of the accounts on the Bank Feeds page depends on which bank was set up first. This somehow works as designed in QuickBooks.


On the other hand, if you wish to wish to re-arrange your accounts under the Chart of Accounts, you can check this article for further details: Understand QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.


Stay in touch if you have any other QuickBooks or banking concerns. I'll be right here to help however I can!

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Re: Bank Feeds

We have only one bank, but with several accounts at the one bank.


No, I don't want to rearrange accounts in the chart of accounts, only in Bank Feeds. And I think that it would be good if I could have headings above each type of account (checking, savings, CDs), just like credit cards are separated from bank accounts.


I would mark this one as unanswered.



QuickBooks Team

Re: Bank Feeds

Wow! You could be a layout designer for software, WebeRE.


I also like the idea of grouping the accounts per type in the Bank Feeds section. It would look neater and more organized.

While we're unable to do this, I can send a suggestion to our product engineers. You can do the same thing as I send one using my test account.

  1. Click on Help.
  2. Choose Send Feedback Online.
  3. Select Product Suggest.
  4. In the Product Area field, you can choose Banking & Accounting.
  5. Enter your suggestion in the field provided.
  6. You can add your name and email address, but this is optional.
  7. Click Send Feedback.

Suggestions makes us aware of the things you need for your business. Feel free to send more.


We're just around if you have other questions in mind. A lovely weekend to you!

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