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Help!! I started to try and use bank feed today. All of my deposits are not matched (Plus quite a few other transactions). I do not what account or payee to assign to match them up. And the "Splits" I don't even know what to do there. They being placed in "uncategorized" which just cannot be correct. Can I just revert back to before I started using the bank feed? Also I am leaving the office now and will have to do what ever in the morning.

QuickBooks Team

Allow me to provide you a few information about bank feeds so I can help you fix this, GCC13.


When you download transactions into your Bank Feeds, they are usually categorized as matched or unmatched if you're adding transactions with renaming rules. You'll want to check them if they are assigned with the incorrect payee. 


Also, there are two ways to set up an account, whether it's Web or Direct Connect, the way you connect depends on what's available in your bank. If you want to delete or remove transactions from the bank feeds, you'll have to ignore them.


Here's how:

  1. Click the Banking menu.
  2. Go to Bank Feeds, then choose Bank Feeds Center
  3. Choose the bank account, then click the Transaction List.
  4. On the Transaction List page, put a checkmark on the box column to select the transactions you want to delete.
  5. Click Batch actions, the choose Ignore.
  6. You'll receive a message, "Are you sure you want to delete this transaction?", just click Yes.

However, if there's a need to disconnect a specific account from your bank, you can follow the steps to deactivate bank feeds. 


You can also check these articles for additional information:

For reference, read this article to give you a better idea of how to add and match bank transactions: Add And Match Bank Feed Transactions In QuickBooks Desktop.


Keep me posted with the process and let me know if the steps provided works. I'll be here to assist you if you have any other concerns. 

Level 3

Ignoring the transactions does not solve the issue. My register no longer has any deposits from the period of the bank feed. It is now showing i have a balance of -$103000. The bank feed removed everything from my register. When I try to match manually there is no record of them in my register.


I've got you covered, @GCC13.


I have some information and steps to help fix the matching issue in your banking feeds.


First, you've mentioned in your original post that it's your first time setting up bank feeds in QuickBooks. Thus, you may not have entered the new deposits or entries into the program yet. If this is the case, you can manually record them instead. This way, their status will change to Matched.


Second, please ensure that the transaction number, amount, date, or payee of your deposits are the same as the downloaded ones. If not, find the transaction in QuickBooks, and then make edits based on your bank records. 


Third, QuickBooks won't match the downloaded transaction from already reconciled ones. You'll see a checkmark in the CLR column for the reconciled entries.


Lastly, if there are duplicates, QuickBooks won't match them. The same goes with the downloaded entries that have a lightning bolt in the CLR column. This applies even if all the transaction number, amount, date, and payee name are the same.


For more details about this, please review this handy resource: Match Bank Feed transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.


Also, let's ensure to enable the Express mode feature when matching your deposits. This way, QuickBooks will recognize the same entries easily.


Here's how to turn it on:


  1. Click Edit at the top, and then choose Preferences.
  2. Select Checking, and then go to the Company Preferences tab.
  3. Under the BANK FEEDS section, choose Express Mode.
  4. Click OK, and then select OK again when prompted.

Here's a handy article for more insights about it: Switch between banking modes.


For good practice, you can perform your usual reconciliation to ensure the accuracy of your records.


You can count on me if you have more banking concerns. I'm here to lend a hand.

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