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Business Credit card reconcilation



I have a parking ticket I payed with my business credit card when I went out of town for business related. I have one account in qb set up as EXPENSES : Automobile Expense -Parking & Tolls but I also have another Expense account set up as Travel Expense.

Can someone  please advice what would be best for me to use and record this credit card transaction.

Also I'm entering this transaction onBanking - ENTER CREDIT CARD CHARGES in the PURCHASE FROM (on the check ) what would be best to put down? 

should I just created a Vendor and name it how it appears on my bank statements ,even if its a vendor I wont be using.



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Re: Business Credit card reconcilation

Hi, @Eve2019.


I appreciate you posting in the Community about entering a credit card charge for your business expense. I'm here to help answer your questions.


Usually, parking tickets are posted to Auto Expense. You can refer to this similar post answered by one of our Established Community Backers:


Though it would still work using the Travel expense account since they both belong to an expense account.


In entering a credit card charge, it's still your choice whether you want to put the vendor name in QuickBooks or not. Or, you can put Parking Ticket and put all related expenses under this certain subject.


This should get you on your way in creating the credit card charge for your parking ticket. Should you need other references for future use, please feel free to visit our help site: Help articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


Fill me in if you have additional questions about recording your expenses. I'm here to help.

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