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Level 2

Connected to Checking at Chase Bank (deleted)

My connection to Chase is some how "deleted" and now I can't get my transactions to download into Quickbooks.  How do I reconnect my accounts?

Checking, Savings and Credit Card all say the same thing.


Connected to Checking at Chase Bank (deleted) 

Level 9

Connected to Checking at Chase Bank (deleted)

The "deleted" reference poses a question in my mind. Go to your chart of accounts and double check that all three accounts created when your accounts were originally connected were not deleted (made inactive). If they were, you need to make them active again. If the accounts are active, just follow the steps to add the accounts with your login ID and password for Chase Bank. Each account should show up to connect to the accounts in your chart of accounts, Checking, Savings and Credit Card.

Level 2

Connected to Checking at Chase Bank (deleted)

I went to chart of accounts.  Where does it say active or in-active??  I'm looking everywhere.  I don't see this as a choice anywhere.  Accounts are still showing with balances.


When I go through the process of adding Chase bank connection. I get the following error.


Checking - Chase is already linked to a bank feed.
Select a QuickBooks account without an existing bank connection.
But then the account says under "edit" account information:
Connected to
Checking at Chase Bank (deleted) 
  Disconnect this account on save (Check box to the left)
It seems the Checking at Chase Bank (deleted) is the problem.  I don't see how to re-activate the connection.
This is so frustrating and a huge waste of time.
QuickBooks Team

Connected to Checking at Chase Bank (deleted)

Hi there, @Repete.


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you today. Let's work together to look for the deleted bank accounts.


Here's how:

  1. Click Accounting
  2. Under Chart of Accounts, click the Settings icon.
  3. Make sure to put check mark in the Include inactive box (see screenshot).


After that, the screen will show all the accounts created, including the inactive (deleted). The deleted accounts will show as "Bank Name (deleted)". In order to make them active again, you can go to the Action column and click Make Active.


Next, you will have to update your bank to download your bank transactions:

  1. Click Banking.
  2. Select Update.

For detailed instruction, you can refer to this article: How to add and connect bank and credit card accounts.


That should do it. Let me know if you need further help. You can always leave a comment below. Wishing you and your business continued success.

Level 1

Connected to Checking at Chase Bank (deleted)

What do you do if the account is showing as "Active" but the bank feed is showing a deleted?  I tried to re setup the bank feeds but it wants me to setup a new GL Account.....


This is extremely frustrating!

QuickBooks Team

Connected to Checking at Chase Bank (deleted)

Welcome and thank you for joining the thread, @nridley.


As of now, we haven't received any reported issues with active accounts showing as deleted under bank feeds. However, one possible reason you're seeing the deleted mark on the account is that the account is associated with a deleted account/parent account. If not, we can try the basic troubleshooting steps to single out the cause of this unexpected behavior.


First, access your account using an incognito or private browser. You may use these following shortcut keys:


  • Google Chrome, press CTRL  Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: press CTRL  Shift P
  • Internet Explorer: press CTRL  Shift P
  • Safari: press Command Shift N

If your account doesn't show as deleted, you may need to clear the cache of your regular browsers. You can also try logging in QuickBooks using another supported browsers.


If the same thing happens, you may check with our QuickBooks Online Support to check this further for you. For the support's contact information, go to:, and click on Connect with a QuickBooks Expert.


Feel free to drop by if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!

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