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"Customer" drop-down missing from Banking -> "For Review" transactions

In the activity Banking -> "For Review", when a transaction is selected, there used to be 4 editable fields:


  • Payee
  • Category
  • Description
  • Customer


Now there are only 3. The "Customer" drop-down/selectable field is missing. It's just gone. Only way to allocate an expense to a customer now is file the transaction from the Banking activity, then go back in to that Expense transaction and add Customer there. 

What changed?


"Customer" drop-down missing from Banking -> "For Review" transactions



Is it picking up the transaction as a Transfer instead of an Expense or Deposit?  If it shows as a Transfer, click the item and select the radio button for ADD instead of TRANSFER.  That should give you the Payee field back.

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"Customer" drop-down missing from Banking -> "For Review" transactions

It is picking up as an Expense, and I made sure "Add" was selected. However the issue is not the Payee field. The Payee field is there. It is the "Customer" field that is missing. When buying something the vendor is the Payee (not the customer), and if I buy it in relationship to the customer, the expense should be allocated to that customer (not billed). Same thing if you go in to QBO -> click the "+" plus icon -> Expense, there is a "Customer" field there. This same "Customer" field is missing from the Banking -> "For Review" transactions. 

QuickBooks Team

"Customer" drop-down missing from Banking -> "For Review" transactions

I’m glad to see you in the Online Community,

I’m here to clear up why you’re unable to see the Customer field in the For Review section.


In addition to our Established Community Backer MJA66-87 answer, when reviewing and adding a transaction, the Customer field appears if you go to the Spent column.


While in the Received column, the fields displayed are Payee, Category, Description, and etc. I’ve attached screenshots for your reference.


If you have additional questions about reviewing online banking transactions, feel free to leave me a comment. I'll be around to answer them. Have a great day ahead.

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"Customer" drop-down missing from Banking -> "For Review" transactions

Thanks @Rasa-LilaM. Your first screenshot does successfully show the "Customer" field exactly where I'm used to it being. You see that "billable" checkbox right next to it? Those 2 fields, the billable and the customer, appear only when the setting at


QBO -> Accounts and Settings -> Expenses -> "Make expenses and items billable"


is set to On. When set to Off, neither the "billable" nor the "Customer" field appears. 


The strange thing is, I've always had this setting set to Off, and the "Customer" field always appeared, until last week. The "billable" checkbox also never ever appears. 


Now I have to have this setting set to "On", and the "Customer" dropdown field shows, but so does the billable checkbox. 


As long as the Customer field works as before without actually billing the customer (the billable checkbox will never be checked), that's fine. It's more clutter having that checkbox. But this definitely changed in the code or something, cause this is new behavior needing to change this setting from Off to On. 

QuickBooks Team

"Customer" drop-down missing from Banking -> "For Review" transactions

Hello there, KAdam.


Thanks for getting back to us. I'm here to help and provide some insights about banking page in QuickBooks Online QBO. 


Are you trying to remove the billable box option in the banking page? If so, there isn't a way to remove this option since this is working as design in QBO. I can see how this feature would be helpful for you, I encourage you to send feedback directly to our product developers for future update. 


Here's how you can send feedback: 

  1. Click the Gear Icon.
  2. Select Feedback
  3. Click Next and choose Feedback under Category option.
  4. Select Save.

For additional reference, you can check this article: Assign, categorize, edit, and add your downloaded banking transactions.


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. QuickBooks Community will always here to help. 

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