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How do I import a .txt file with LIST TRANS for Deposits in Quickbooks Pro 2019

I just upgraded from Quickbooks Pro 2016, because support is going away, to Quickbooks Pro 2019.  I used to import a tab deliniated .txt file with weekly EFT data.  In the header I would have NAME, which was actually the EFT deposit description from the bank.  When imported, QBooks would use that as the PAYEE and create the new PAYEE.  I was able to go Utilities>Import>iif>then change the file type to ALL and choose the .txt file and import it.  Where did this go?  What other options do I have.  This was file headers


Please help.  Way too many transactions to enter manually.

Sample file attached.

Thanks for the help.


Re: How do I import a .txt file with LIST TRANS for Deposits in Quickbooks Pro 2019

You've come to the right place, @SnoFro60.


I'd be happy to help share about the process of importing an. IIF file in QuickBooks Desktop. 


QuickBooks 2019 has a new improved process of importing lists and transactions which is more convenient and accurate with the use of Import IIF Tool. This eliminates the possibility of importing bad data by scanning your file for errors. I'd suggest following its format so you can import your transactions the way it should be. 


To import your file:

  1. Click on File at the top menu bar.
  2. Select on Utilities.
  3. Click on Import.
  4. Choose IIF Files.
  5. Select Import IIF.
  6. Locate the file, then select OK.
  7. Once the import is successful, you'll see the numbers of list and transactions imported. Press Done.

To learn more about this process, you can refer to this article: Improved IIF Import in QuickBooks 2019.


Also here are some articles that you can check out about exporting and importing files in QuickBooks Desktop for your future reference: 

This should help you import your transactions correctly.


Feel free to reach back out to me if you have more questions with importing files in QuickBooks Desktop. I'm always here to provide additional assistance. Take Care.

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Re: How do I import a .txt file with LIST TRANS for Deposits in Quickbooks Pro 2019

The import feature hasn't moved and is still on the menu as before.


Once you find it, you may encounter issues. If so, see BRC QuickBooks 2019 IIF Import Changes and Recommendations