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I need help , I connected bank account with desktop but it let me download only 30 days. My bank does not offer web connect so I have to put all transactions for 3 months manually.

My question is HOW ? I have been told it has to be done by creating bills and checks and I have been given link on manuals (where I still did not find any info how to do it) . 

I also found some articles where it says it cannot be manually done in desktop 2018 so I am completely confused by now and need some advise. thank you


Hello, spacemarine.

I'm here to help get you pointed in the right direction in importing your bank transactions with QuickBooks Desktop.


You can look for a third-party application that allows you to convert the bank transactions from your bank and import into your QuickBooks Desktop. Please visit our Apps page through this link:!category/10368/6984.


This website displays the list of applications available that matches the description you entered. Once you find the right app, click on it to open.


I've got an article to serve as your reference:


Feel free to ping my name by leaving a reply below if you need additional assistance with importing your bank transactions. Have a nice day!

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@Rose-A  thank you for your reply, I have been told by quickbooks I can import transactions manually by creating checks and deposit so I am trying to figure out how I can do that. as I do not have so much trust to give permission to third party to have access to the files of company which is not mine ;) plus I have to add transactions for 3-4 months and will not need for having app like that as I will not need it in the future. 

I would understand I create deposits and checks if we are talking about deposits and checks but how would/should I add regular bank transactions to the quickbooks ? like a check ?? or am I getting it all wrong ? thank you for time 


Thanks for getting back to us with more information, spacemarine. 


I've read your conversation with RoseMarjorie and was able to catch up with the scenario. Since your bank won't provide a WebConnect file, you'll need to enter the transactions (that weren't downloaded) manually.


Here's how you can enter the checks or deposits manually:

  1. Click Banking at the top menu.
  2. Select Write Checks or Make Deposits.
  3. Enter the details and click Save & Close.

Meanwhile, you can manage the downloaded bank transactions by adding or matching them to your QuickBooks register. You can use this article for more information: Add and Match Bank Feed Transactions.


We'll be right here to back you up if you have follow-up questions about this.

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