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Re-importing Desktop Data For A Second Time

If I import QB Desktop data to QB Online again, will it simply override the previous data? Can I essentially import/override as many times as desired?


Also, is QuickBooks working on a solution to sync Desktop to Online in real-time to operate 2 sets of books?

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Re-importing Desktop Data For A Second Time



Yes, if you are in desktop and choose to import to QuickBooks Online again, it will overwrite ALL the the existing data.


In answer to your 2nd question... to my knowledge, Intuit is not working on a way to sync desktop data to online version in realtime.  You can always submit feedback and request this by going to the Gear Icon and selecting Feedback, but I honestly don't see this feature happening as they are 2 different programs designed for 2 different customer bases. 


If you want the features of desktop but in a 100% cloud based solution, Intuit offers hosting services for QuickBooks Desktop or you can research your own solutions such as a dedicated computer for hosting and remote access software.

Community Champion

Re-importing Desktop Data For A Second Time

Additional information. You can only import desktop into an existing online company within its first 60 days of existence. After tgat you would have to start a new company subscription (And cancel the old if you only need one)


Only Enterprise allows combined financials from multiple companies but you can have all the companies you want in Desktop for free or as many in QBO that your wallet can afford.


Other methods rather than hosting to access desktop vompany on the road is a second install on a second computer for use only by the licensee, one computer are time and using backup/Restore to sync between or to use a remote desktop application

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Re-importing Desktop Data For A Second Time

Is it possible to do this from the accountant access or do I need to have Master Admin?

Kristine Mae

Re-importing Desktop Data For A Second Time

Hey there, globetreader569.


You must be signed in as the administrator in both so you can convert the files from the Desktop version and import it to QuickBooks Online.


I've got an article for you: Convert QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to drop a comment if you have more questions about this. 


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