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Online Banking Setup - Bank Account is Populating



I have around 13 bank accounts under my bank's login portal. I've recently changed my bank's login password, and consequently had to update the new password in QuickBooks (to download transactions). I managed to access the ledger of my bank accounts in the Online Setup Process, but it seems all my bank accounts are populating besides the one that I need to attached. 


I believe the issue stems from the following: 

1.  I've previously had access to download the transactions of this account prior to changing my bank's password, which makes me believe it's still linked, and that's the reason it's not populating under the "Online Banking Setup" menu option. 

2. I need to update the the username and password elsewhere, not under the "Online Banking Setup" menu option. 


Further complications, the "change passwords" option in the "download transactions" is grayed-out (see attached pictures). 


Please help! 


Change Password Alert



UPDATE: I've resolved this issue by unlinking the account, and going through the Online Banking Setup process again. This did present issues, however, like re-matching transactions that were previously matched in the past. Surely this can't be the best of updating your bank account's password in QuickBooks.


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QuickBooks Team

Online Banking Setup - Bank Account is Populating

Hello there, @ASILBER.


I'm glad with you presenting a detailed information about your concern and for attaching a screenshot to illustrate the grayed-out option for Change Password. I have some insights on how to update the bank account's password in QuickBooks for Mac.


You're on the right track of updating the password in QuickBooks since you've changed your online banking password on you bank's website. While unlinking the account and reconnecting it resolve your issue, there's a best way of changing the password.


To keep you going, or provide you another way of doing it, you need to delete the password in the Mac OSX keychain:

  1. In Finder, go to Applications.
  2. Select Utilities folder to open the Keychain Access.
  3. Select the entry for your bank account.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Then, click Delete.
  6. Close Keychain Access.
  7. In QuickBooks, connect to your online banking account as you would normally.
  8. When prompted, enter your new password.

To gather more in-depth information about Online Banking in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, look into this article:

With this information, you should be able to update the bank account's password in QuickBooks. Let me know how this goes and don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have other questions. I'd be glad to answer.

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