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Renaming Rules

Hi Folks,

PayChex makes three debits from my payroll account each payroll. When I download these transactions, the payee name is different each time. For some unknown reason PayChex included the date of the payroll as part of the payee string. Stupid! Is there a way to enter a renaming rule that lets me match "PayChex Payroll Wages 0512" as "PayChex*Wages*"?

Thanks for the help,


QuickBooks Team

Re: Renaming Rules

A warm welcome from the Community, @cjm51213.

You can create a rule that renames the payee by setting the right information to match the downloaded transactions to the existing one in QuickBooks.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Select Bank Feeds, then Bank Feeds Center.
  3. Pick Rules next to Add Account at the left of the Bank Feeds screen.
  4. Click Manage Rules and select Add New.
  5. Enter Rule Name.
  6. Choose Contains on the Description field, then type in the description on your downloaded transactions. Click the Plus icon if you wish to add another Description.
  7. On the Do This section, select Rename, then choose a payee on The Payee Field To drop-down. Click the Plus icon if you want to add a Rename or Categorize.
  8. Hit Save.

bank rule 1.PNG bank rule 2.PNG bank rule 3.PNG bank rule 4..PNG


Everything you need to know about this topic is found in this article: Use renaming rules for Bank Feeds

That should get you pointed in the right direction.

Let me know how everything turns out, or if you have any issues, after following those steps. I’m always ready to help. Have a good one!

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Re: Renaming Rules

Once the final rule is defined and when I try to click Save button, QB displays a dialog asking me select a transaction to apply the rule. But it would not give me a way to pick any of the bank transactions that are loaded into QB.. It would only give me option to say OK and goes back to the rule defined. By the way I am using QB Desktop 2019 Pro..

And trying to manage clinci copay deposits by every day as Cash and Checks that are manually deposited and CC transactions goes to bank acct directly as Merchant Svc Deposits with long texts.

All our Manual deposits are done by clinic SC19MMDD Deposit meaning the Sun City clinic 2019 month MM and dy DD so that I cal also automate and match the practice management system batchs that account for collections by each day.

In Quick books I am trying to Rename these to Patient Copay Cash and Checks and categorize these as Income Patient Collections. Similarly "Patient Copay CC" to rename and Patient Collections as category..

How do I complete the definition of the Rule and then go back and apply the rule to about 200 transactions that are imported from the bank to QB. All the online help and QB documentation shows the steps but don't know how I can overcome this msg at the end...

QuickBooks Team

Re: Renaming Rules



Thanks for posting your experience here in the Community. Let me share some insights about adding transactions with renaming rules in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). 


I'd like to acknowledge your effort in sharing very detailed information about your concern. I've replicated this on my QuickBooks sample file, and it seems like was able to apply a bank rule manually on the banking transactions downloaded in QuickBooks successfully. 


In this case, let's try to delete your renaming rule and re-create a new one. Make sure that the Description on the rule name will match on your banking transactions. 


To delete a renaming rule, here's how:

  1. From Banking menu, click Bank Feeds.
  2. Choose Bank Feeds Center.
  3. Select Rules in Bank Feeds window.
  4. In the Rules List window, select the Action drop-down menu.
  5. Click Delete Rule, then select Yes.

You can also set your Bank Feeds preference to create rules automatically. This way, QuickBooks will automatically create a renaming rule each time you add a transaction. 


You can check this article to learn more on how to create, modify, and fix common issues with renaming rules for Bank Feeds in QuickBooks Desktop: Use renaming rules for Bank Feeds


Don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any further questions about renaming rules. I'll be around to answer them for you. 

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Re: Renaming Rules

Not sure what was wrong. I tried the procedure at least three times before I posted my help message online. Today, every thing seems to flow smooth. I was able to add rules to classify the transactions without any glitches. Strange and not sure if some kind of patch if any fixed the problem.  Thanks for all your help. Kind regards.

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