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Unrelated transasctions coming in bank feed

I have multiple accounts (4) at my financial institution (Raymond James).  I only use one for my business.  However - my bank feed pulls in every single transaction for all 4 accounts into my QBO account.  I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting dozens of times.  I've gone through and batch deleted the unrelated (interest, dividend, etc) transactions (sometimes over 100) only to have them reappear when I log back in.

I've discussed with Raymond James but they are of little help.  The last attempt to get clean information was setting my business account at RJ as a separate, stand alone account.  But after wiping everything clean and purging all past log in credentials, I logged in as "new" and reconnected to the account only to have 185 completely unrelated transactions to review.

Anyone else use Raymond James and have similar issue?

Would a banking rule in QBO address this?


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QuickBooks Team

Unrelated transasctions coming in bank feed

Hello mpbokc,


I understand that deleting unrelated transactions manually may take some time. Since you've initially set up a separate account, it'll download all past transactions. However, moving on, it won't download the transactions that are already in your register.


You can also use the bank rule option to automatically download your transactions to your register.


Feel free to read this article for more information: How to set and use banking rules for downloaded transactions.


You can also visit our page for future help: Banking and bank feeds.


Please leave a comment below if you have additional questions.

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