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Why are the deposits are also listed as payments?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Why are the deposits are also listed as payments?

Hi there, Brugger-Marcia.


If you're referring to your downloaded bank transactions, QuickBooks only reflects what is sent from your bank. What we can do is exclude the deposits that shows in the SPENT column to avoid adding them to your books.

  1. Select the affected transactions.
  2. Click Batch Actions.
  3. Choose Exclude Selected.
  4. Go to the Excluded tab.
  5. Select those transactions again.
  6. Click Batch Actions.
  7. Choose Delete.

After removing your transactions, you can download them from your bank's website and upload to QuickBooks. I'd suggest downloading them in a CSV file, so when you upload them, you can choose which column you want them to show on the Banking page. If CSV is not available, you can try other formats like QBO, QFX and OFX. You can find the steps in this article: How to upload more than 90 days of bank transactions.


If you're not referring to downloaded bank transactions, please add a comment below. Please include details of how you add the deposit.


We're just around to help you further.