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Reconciliation discrepancy - Non-profit

After using quickbooks from Sept 2018 to Jan 2019 and just entering the deposits (donations) directly on the register, it was decided, starting in Feb to enter them correctly through the donation screen. Awesome!


To ensure correct reports throughout the fiscal year, we removed the deposits entered directly on the register (Sept-Jan) and re-entered each via the Donations screen. The register balance remained the same. Great!


But of course, that caused an issue when we went to reconcile for January. All of those deposits showed up as open. So we created a journal entry to clear the reconciliation form and moved forward. We were able to balance perfectly when we reconciled the The January and February bank statements. Yeah!


However, those reconciliation factors were shown in the register. That did not go over well. They did not want any discrepancies to be shown on the register or reports even though the journal entry clearly explained the issue and we balanced to the penny.  


So one person went back to September and deleted all the reconciliations. Then re-reconciled one month at a time. Apparently, that worked to remove the noted discrepancies on the register and balanced  


My questions are: Is this the proper way to fix this issue? Is there a better way? Will all be ok as we move forward? And if that worked, how did it work? I would like to understand how that worked.


Thank you very much in advance . . . 




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Reconciliation discrepancy - Non-profit

Hello, LSE.


Yes. It’d be best to go over each month to locate the transaction that is causing the issue. Forcing the system to reconcile an account even if there are discrepancies would create adjustment entries. When reconciling an account you should only check the transactions that match your actual bank. If there are missing transactions you’ll need to create them in QuickBooks to avoid discrepancies.


For additional information about fixing reconciliation discrepancies, please check this article: 


Thanks for dropping by. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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