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Reconciliation Problem - Account Mapping Issue?

See attached screenshot.


I have transactions which always pop up as expenses when reconciling one of our accounts.  All of the transactions are duplicate invoices made when we received a bad or returned check.  I'm curious why these are showing up and how to fix the problem.  My suspicion is the account used on the invoices is incorrect but could use some help.

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Reconciliation Problem - Account Mapping Issue?

When a customer's check bounces after you have recorded a deposit you do in fact need the equivalent of an expense to record the reversing bank entry. 


Here is the procedure for Online, you have 3 options and if you can, avoid using a journal entry


Note that the nsf invoice has to post not only as an expense but also against the bank account - once. Maybe you set up your bounced check product/service with both sides to the bank account rather than one to banking and the other to expense


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