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The company I am working with had not reconcilled the bank statements since 2005.  So I reconciled every thing from 2005 until December 2017 to get a correct starting balance for the January 2018 bank statement. I have now reconciled upto February 2019.  I found that I accidently put some 2019 deposits on the 2005 to 2017 reconcilliation.  How can I remove those and add the correct ones without redoing all of 2018 and 2019 up to Feburary?

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It always a waste of time to undo a reconciliation due to minor errors.  Just fix the prior posting errors, then fix the prior reconciliation to match.

Fixing the prior postings is up to you - just make them right. While doing this you will get warnings not to change reconciled items - do it anyway (this assumes you know what your doing and will finish the next step !!!).

Now fix the reconcilation - you cant edit so do a new reconciliation using the same closing balance and date that was used the first time you did it.  Once you 'hide items after the statement date' then only things left will be your new (or changed) entries, plus the prior uncleared items.  Now reconcile the changes.

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Are you saying that I should just go to my register and uncheck the deposits that should not be reconciled then go check the deposits that should be reconciled? 

I am confused about fix the prior postings.  Can you list the steps that I should take?


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Hello there, @Joycee.


Let me walk you through the steps to fix the prior posting that @Anonymous advised.


This method uses a date other than the most recent reconciliation and does not require that you know the ending balance from the previous reconciliation. Here's how:


  1. From the Banking menu, click Reconcile.
  2. Select the account you need to reconcile.
  3. In the Date of Statement field, enter an off cycle date within the statement period on which the transaction appeared.
  4. In the Ending Balance field, enter $1.00 then click Continue.
  5. In the Reconcile window, check off the deposit transactions that you are re-reconciling.
  6. Take note of the Cleared Balance amount.
  7. Click Modify to reopen the Begin Reconciliation window.
  8. Copy the Cleared Balance into the Ending Balance field then click Continue.
  9. Click the Reconcile Now button.

Here's an article for more detailed steps and information: Reconcile Previously Deleted and Re-entered Checking or Credit Card Transactions.


If you need assistance on how to make these corrections, you can consult your accountant. 


Please get back to me if you need further assistance with QuickBooks. You got me here to figure things out for you.

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MarkR s post is good info but may not apply here.
No - do not manually add or delete the 'cleared checkmark' - allow the reconcile function to do that.
What I thought you meant was the usual problem people run into - they successfully complete a reconciliation but later find an error in one of the reconciled postings that needs fixed. Changing a reconciled entry causes it to become 'uncleared' and throws out an existing reconciliation.
It is almost impossible to have 'cleared' too many items, but still end up with the correct closing balance - unless the 'excess' items were exactly offsetting If you used the wrong closing balance that also should have been (nearly) impossible to reconcile.
So if you 'cleared' items that were after the statement date - yet somehow still made it reconcile - then there must be other errors in that reconciliation If you 'plugged' the prior reconcilation to force an apparent balance and now want to fix it then delete the plug and then redo the reconcile as i described.
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