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Recurring Transactions adding sales tax and sending automatically

I have been having reoccurring problems with my recurring transactions. 

  1. Most of my clients are sales tax exempt, are set up appropriately, the recurring invoice appropriately does not have sales tax on it; however, once they are automatically created at the appropriate next interval, the sales tax magically and erroneously appears.
  2. Each of my recurring transactions has "Automatically send emails" unchecked but they continue to send automatically.  Since they are being sent automatically, WITH the erroneous sales tax, I keep having to reach out to my customers, tell them to disregard the invoice, then correct the auto created invoice (which means I have to go to a blank line item, tab through it until I get to the next line item, in which the invoice refreshes and the sales tax goes away appropriately), then send customers the revised invoice.  

Anyone else having this problem?  I've tried recreating the recurring transactions to no avail.  I don't want to go back to manually creating invoices, and memorized transactions worked without flaw in Quickbooks Desktop, but not Quickbooks online.

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Community Champion

Recurring Transactions adding sales tax and sending automatically

Hello @4ttallan2:


I would re-open the recurring and check the settings there.  Look for items that are checked off as taxable within the statement itself.  


Now without seeing your settings, change the invoices to be reminder instead of scheduled.    That way you can populate them manually, review them before sending them.   You can send them in bulk on the sales page when you are done reviewing them.  If they all look accurate, you can change them to automatically go.  


I prefer to use the extra step to be reminded so I have more control over my sales before they get emailed.



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