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Devin Ducharme
Level 1



I'm trying to add square transactions to my sales from my bank statements. Credit card transactions appear as Square Deposits and QuickBooks suggests that I categorize them as sales. When I attempt to add these CC transactions from square, they don't appear in my total sales. They do appear in my sales in chart of accounts though. But when I click on the transaction from the sales report, it brings me to the bank deposit screen. What do I need to do instead?


Should I be manually creating sales receipts and matching these transactions to receipts?


Why is it that I can only see sales receipts and invoices in my sales but not the square transactions that I add to the sales category when reviewing my bank feed?



QuickBooks Team

Hi Devin!


I'm happy to point you to the process of syncing Square and handling its transactions.


You seem to be doing the backward process because you added bank transactions first instead of getting them from Square. Even if you categorized them as sales (income), they are considered as deposits because they are cash-in transactions on your bank account. That's why you see them as deposits.


Nevertheless, the deposits are reported as income on your Profit and Loss report since you categorized them that way. It's just that they won't show up on your All Sales page because you will only sales transactions in there, not bank deposits. You can leave them this way, and there's no need to create sales receipts as well.


In the Sync-with-Square process, on the other hand, your sales are imported as invoices, and the payments are imported as payments. These transactions are visible on the All Sales page. Then, when your bank downloads them on the Banking page, you can just match them. This will be your setup going forward. This video explains the process further: Sync with Square.


Here's an article for additional reference: Sync Square with QuickBooks Online.


I hope this clears up how to handle your sales from Square. If you need help, please feel free to reply to this thread.

Devin Ducharme
Level 1

Thanks you for explaining! :)


Is there something I should do differently? I’ve only completed one of those bank deposits. Should I create sales receipts and match them to the bank deposits to show as sales? Is that possible? 

I connected my bank and added the square app. After manually imported past transactions from square, nothing appeared for invoices or payments. The import was “successful” because I received the email but there is nothing in my sales. I think this is why I was having such a hard time. 


Devin Ducharme
Level 1

Thank you for explaining this!


I was wondering why it was so difficult.

Is there something I should be doing differently? I’ve only made one of those deposits so I can backtrack to do it a better way.

the problem is when I completed a manual import of past transactions from square, they didn’t appear as invoices or payments. There was nothing in my sales. The import was successful though because I received an email about it. How should I proceed. Should I make sales receipts and match my deposits to those receipts? 

QuickBooks Team

Thanks for getting back to us, Devin Ducharme,


Your Square transactions are posted on your Banking page once successfully imported. That is where you can start categorizing and matching those invoices and payments. 


On the other hand, you don't need to manually create sales receipts. Everything in Square is downloaded for you. You'll want to go the Sales or Expenses tab in QuickBooks to see what was downloaded. Then, categorizing them depending on your business needs.


Let me know if you need additional information. I'm always right here to help.

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