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Transactions getting recorded twice

I am seeing this more frequently lately - certain transactions for some reason get recorded twice. When I open transaction register I see the same transaction 2 times. Please see attached. Credit card payment of $40 appearing two times in transaction register while there is only 1 payment of $40. What is causing this?Trans.JPG

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QuickBooks Team

Transactions getting recorded twice

Happy to have you here on the Community page, @sunshinebrandsll.


If they're both manually added into QuickBooks, the payment may be recorded twice causing the duplicate. If you wish to review this further, you can visit the Audit Log to check for any changes and the entries that were added to QuickBooks and who recorded them. If verified that the transactions were recorded twice, delete the other one by clicking on the Delete button beside Edit.


If you've downloaded your banking transactions on the Banking page and there was a manually recorded payment from the New (+) icon, you must not add or transfer the transaction to QuickBooks. Instead, match the downloaded transaction to the manually created one to avoid any duplicates.


For additional reference about matching and categorizing downloaded transactions in QuickBooks Online, check out these articles:



Get back to me if you have any other questions. I'm always here to help. Have a good day!

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Transactions getting recorded twice

Thank you for your answer. 

There are no manually recorded transactions. Everything get downloaded automatically from the bank. 

When I go to Dashboard/bank accounts and check transactions there, the transaction in question appears only once. But then when I go to Accounting/Chart of Accounts/view register I see that the transaction appears twice. One of the transactions is marked with "C" the other one isn't. Then I delete the double entry. 

Usually this happens with credit card payments. 

I am just not sure what I can do to prevent this happening in the future. 

QuickBooks Team

Transactions getting recorded twice

Hello there, sunshinebrandsll. 


It's possible that we've manually entered the bank charges and then added the one downloaded from the bank that caused it to be duplicates. We can match them instead of adding it to avoid double entries.


Another way to manage added bank transactions is through the Bank rules. It's possible that there's a rule similar to the one you set that's why the bank fees or payment are added automatically. You can also look into the Audit Log as my colleague suggested to keep track of manually entered and added transactions.


Here's how to look into your bank rules: 

  1. Log in to QuickBooks. 
  2. Go to the Banking menu. 
  3. Click the Rules tab. 
  4. You can click on the Edit button under the ACTION column to review the conditions. 

I have a an article that you might want to check for more details about bank downloaded transactions: Categorize and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


I'm here if you need more help. You take care always!

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