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Transactions in register not in reconciliation

I posted all payments and withdrawals directly on check register but now that I want to reconcile with bank statements they are not showing up

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Transactions in register not in reconciliation

Good day, Garritt.


Let's check out why your transactions do not show when you reconcile.


Your transactions will not show up when their dates are beyond the Statement Date you set in the Begin Reconciliation window, or when they’re already reconciled before.


Please open your Reconcile window again and uncheck the Hide transactions after the statement’s end date checkbox. If the transactions will still not show up, please open your bank register to see if they have check marks in the Check mark column. This mark indicates that they’ve been reconciled before or they’ve cleared on your bank.


Another reason is possible data damage. This can be checked by running the Verify and Rebuild data utilities. The Verify utility detects data damage and the Rebuild utility will fix them. You’ll want to do this when you’ve gone through the steps I mentioned in the second paragraph. Then, you can reconcile again after.


You can always reply below when you need more help.

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