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Transactions Not Importing


I am trying to import transactions from my Apple Card because you currently still can't link them


I have tried every format available to export from Apple, and still it won't work. It says it uploads the transactions, but then they do not appear in quickbooks. They aren't on any of the three tabs--reviewed, categorized, or excluded. And when I try to upload the cvs file, it says that there is an error, it can't upload the transactions and to check the file and then try to upload again.


Anyone have any suggestiongs

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Transactions Not Importing

I got your back to ensure you can import your bank transactions seamlessly in QuickBooks Online (QBO), @nrbills.


If you're having trouble importing your Apple card transaction in a CSV file format, below are the few things to check before trying again.


First off, ensure that you have the correct mapping of columns. This will make sure that QBO will be able to read the data. Here's how:

  1. Open your CSV file.
  2. Next, remove columns you do not need to prevent any confusion. QBO require to have columns for Date, Description, and Amount
  3. Then, change the names of the columns in your CSV to match the titles in QBO.


Once done, let's also make sure that your file has the format needed by QBO. Below are the things to consider:


Another instance of why you can't import a CSV file into QBO is that the file only has Money Out transactions. To get around this, please follow the instructions in this link: Common errors for importing bank transactions using CSV. From there, you'll also find tips to avoid issues when importing.


You also want to check this article for fixing errors when importing bank transactions to QBO: Fix bank upload errors in QuickBooks Online. This provides you with a list of specific error messages when uploading and corresponding fixes for each of them.


Once the transactions are in, you'll now have to categorize and match them to ensure they are allocated to the correct account on your QBO. 


Drop a comment below if you have any other concerns about importing bank transactions in QBO. I'll be always around to assist you. Keep safe. 

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Transactions Not Importing

I tried all of this and it still isn't working. I'm not really sure what else to do.

QuickBooks Team

Transactions Not Importing

Thank you for trying the steps that my colleague shared, nrbills.


I'd like to add a few insights on this. By the way, what's the error when you use the CSV file?


Let's work on your CSV file. We'll only need the columns for the date, description, and amounts. You'll want to save the file as CSV (Comma delimited) instead of CSV (Comma Separated Values). After that, upload your transactions again.



If nothing works, please contact our QBO Support, so they can take a closer look at your company to see why you're unable to import your transactions. They can use more tools on their end.


You can also check about reconciling an account for your reference in the future.


Feel free to share an update on this. The QuickBooks Team is always available for any additional questions you may have.

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Transactions Not Importing

Thanks for the suggestions, it still didn't work.


Here is what it says whenever I try to upload a CSV


"some info may be missing from your file. Double-check that your file is complete and try uploading again."


I'll reach out to support, thanks again.


Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Transactions Not Importing


Explore MT Online as a workaround. It is designed to import into any bank or credit card in QuickBooks Online, so there is no specific setting needed.


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Transactions Not Importing

I'm having the same issue.  I have over a 1000 transactions and it will be time consuming to take out special characters.  I attempted one transaction without special characters and the process still didn't work.  What has changed?  This process would normally take 5 mins and now it is taking days.  QBO Support needs to look into this NOW!

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Transactions Not Importing

Yeah I have no idea! I went in the day after, and it uploaded as it usually does and was fine. I didn't change anything on my end. And I wouldn't waste your time trying to mess with special characters and formats--no matter what I did nothing worked. I have no idea why it worked the day after. QuickBooks really should look into it, because it is a pretty major error.

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Transactions Not Importing

I have no idea what was wrong. I went in yesterday (the day after making the original post) and then it worked just as it always had. I wouldn't waste your time fixing documents or trying other formats--nothing worked for me. I don't understand why it worked without making any changes so it must have been an error on QuickBooks end. It is a major issue, so hopefully they get it solved soon!

QuickBooks Team

Transactions Not Importing

Hello there, @areynolds2020. I appreciate you trying to troubleshoot the issue of being unable to import transactions. Let me help you get the support to help you further since you're still unable to import transactions.


If you already have tried all the advice my colleagues provided above, you can reach out to our QuickBooks Online support to get further assistance.


Here's how:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Go to Help.
  3. Select Contact Us.
  4. Enter your concern, then select Let's talk.
  5. Choose a way to connect with us:
  • Start a chat with a support expert.
  • Get a callback from the next available expert.


Make sure to reach out to them during their available support hours. Plus, Essentials and Simple Start are open from Monday to Friday 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time and Saturday 6 AM to 3 PM Pacific Time. While for Advanced, you can reach them any time, any day.


Once you've received the transactions, you'll need to categorize and match them to ensure you allocate them to the relevant account in QBO.


If I can be of more help with importing transactions, click on the Reply button below. I'm always around to help.

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Transactions Not Importing

I am having the same issue myself. I have several bank accounts, and the automatic downloads have never really worked, so I revert to the manual upload. Now not even this is functioning properly.


I currently have a few cases with quickbooks online, but most likely they won't have a timely solution for me. Hopefully it will work itself out, but I shouldn't be having this issue to begin with! The year is 2022 right? 


I hope these issue's can calm down as we have a business to run!

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