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Transfers between Bank/cc accounts

Could you please understand me how to deal better with transfers.
For example, if funds were transferred from Bank account a couple of days ago 7/15/2019 and hit my CC account today 7/17/2019.
When i posted transaction from Bank feed for Bank account  as Transfer it was posted 7/15/2019 for both accounts (Bank and CC) And then i just Matched the same transactions from CC feed to this one. But i don't like the fact that during the reconciliation process for CC account i see the transfer transaction on  7/15/2019  not 7/17/2019 as it displayed in CC statement.
As i understand to avoid this i should create an auxiliary account (it can be for example expense type of account) Transfer and post such transactions this way
7/15/2019 Dr Transfer Cr Bank account
7/17/2019 Dr CC account Cr Transfer
that dates will be displayed in QBO as they displayed in Bank and CC statements.
If i match transactions then i should choose only one date of those for transfers.
Please correct me if it is wrong.
Thank you
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QuickBooks Team

Re: Transfers between Bank/cc accounts

Hello there, easternpeakqbote.


Let me help share some insights on how bank transfer works in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


You're on the right track in handling a bank transfer that has a different date with the one recorded in QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


Since QuickBooks follows the date as to when you record the bank transfer, you can disregard the date and instead use the amounts as a basis when matching your transactions. Aside from the workaround you shared above, you may consider this option.


In case you'd wish to learn more on how bank transfer works in QBO, you can visit this article: Transfer funds between accounts.


Stay in touch with me if there's anything I can help you with. I'll be around in the Community.