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Undo Reconciliation



I tried to follow the instructions to Undo an entire reconciliation however the option is not available in the "Action" column. The only option from the drop down menu is "print". I need to undo all the reconciliations from 2018 and start from scratch. Undoing each transaction manually is not even possible because it will not allow me to do so - a . Furthermore, with how much I pay per month, I don't think I should have to complete the task in an insanely time consuming manner for something that should have a simple solution. 


Thank you,

Rebecca McMahon

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QuickBooks Team

Undo Reconciliation

Only the accountants can undo reconciliations without editing the individual transactions, mcmahon.


You can reach out to your accountant to undo the entire reconciliation for you, if you're connected to one.


Also, you'll want to manually edit each transaction. Here's how:

  1. Go to Accounting tab and select Charts of Accounts.
  2. Locate the account, and click View Register from the ACTION column.
  3. Identify the transaction to edit.
  4. In the reconcile status column, repeatedly select the top line of the transaction to change the status.
    C - Cleared
    R - Reconciled
    Blank - Not cleared or reconciled


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