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Uploading QBO files from Bank of America

I am currently migrating a client from Xero to Quickbooks Online. For the bank side of things I have connected the Bank of America account and it downloaded approximately 3 months of transactions. To get the prior three years worth I have gone to BofA and downloaded them as QBO files.

I then go to Quickbooks to Upload a File, select the file, select the account they are from and proceed. It then gives me a message saying Import Completed. Next Step: Accept transactions. However when I go to the Banking area it shows no transactions for review.

I have tried creating a new account, disabling the online access and then finally did the same import into our firm's copy of Quickbooks in which it worked. I just cannot workout why it does not work in my client's files.

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Uploading QBO files from Bank of America

This problem mysteriously resolved itself overnight. With all files now importing correctly.


Uploading QBO files from Bank of America

Thanks for reaching out to us, philipusa.


I'm glad that this issue is now rectified. It could be that the program encountered a temporary issue with your QBO file that's why the transactions didn't automatically show in the For review tab.


If you happen to encounter a similar issue in the future, you can try accessing the Banking page using a private window or other supported browsers. There are times that the stored cache and cookies in the browser cause importing problems in QuickBooks. Here are the shortcut keys to launch an incognito window:


  • Ctrl Shift for Google Chrome
  • Ctrl Shift for Firefox & Microsoft Edge
  • Command Shift for Safari

Once you're able to view the uploaded transactions, go back to their regular browser and then, clear its cache to delete the accumulated junk files and improve your browsing experience. 


II also encourage reading this article to learn how to review your online banking transactions: Categorize and match online bank transactions.


Don't hesitate to visit the Community again with any concerns or questions you may have. We're here to help you. 

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