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Wells Fargo Bank Feed Issues AGAIN! 11/13/18

This is becoming beyond Frustrating , How am I supposed to run my business if my accounting software cant do its job. 


 I am having transfer transaction, that has been reviewed, show up in the account that it was transferred into as two transactions (spent and received) and disappear from the account it was transferred from.


The only way I've found to correct this is to track down each occurrence, delete it and then add it back in manually , which then my bank feeds ties to add back in as a different transaction. 


 ALSO , after reviewing transactions incoming from the bank Quick books still indicates that there is transactions to be reviewed when there is none, and does not properly calculate the transactions that were reviewed.


 I have alerted inuit customer support to this multiple times was given a case number and nothing has been changed yet . 

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Wells Fargo Bank Feed Issues AGAIN! 11/13/18

intuit response to issues can take some time, that of course does not help you


Until, if, they get it fixed, you can log into your bank site, and look for a download that uses any of the following file types, that download can be imported into QB (.qbo, .qfx, .ofx). TO import, if I remember right, top right corner under update QBO is the link to import that manually downloaded file.

Not much consolation or help I know, but this user community can not affect Intuit operations.

Relying on banking downloads to make your entries is a misconception intuit advertising promotes, IMO. You should be making the entries as they occur, and then you just match the download if and when you get it, or do a manual reconcile from a statement - 5 min max monthly. Making entries as they occur is the only way to have an accurate current company financial file.

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Wells Fargo Bank Feed Issues AGAIN! 11/13/18

I too am extremely frustrated by this.   It's been 32 days since my account has updated properly.   Absolutely ridiculous...

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Wells Fargo Bank Feed Issues AGAIN! 11/13/18

Thank you for the reply , and appreciate the input, but I'm not sure how many transactions your doing that only takes 5 minutes a month? I pay for quickbooks to make my accounting better not worse.

What your suggesting is basically like saying I should not rely on my oven to make food hot. It is accounting software.

If I were to manually enter every transaction I could just as easily use excel spread sheets for my acounting.

My apologies if that came off crass I do not mean to offend. Just very frustrated!

QuickBooks Team

Wells Fargo Bank Feed Issues AGAIN! 11/13/18

Hi there, tweaver59 and Brune.

I'm here to provide some clarifications about the issue with downloading transactions from Wells Fargo Bank.


Currently, there is an ongoing issue wherein customers were unable to download their bank transactions into QuickBooks Online. Our engineering team is aware of this and is working with Wells Fargo to resolve this in a timely manner.


In the meantime, I'd suggest reaching out to our Phone Support Team. That way they'll add you to the list of the affected users and be able to receive recent status updates of the issue via email.


Here's how to reach them:

  1. Visit this link: QuickBooks Contact Us.
  2. Select options for the two prompts on your screen.
  3. Click Get Phone Number

As soon as an update is received, I, or another member of the Community team, will be happy to update this thread and let every know so that you can get back to business. Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance.

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Wells Fargo Bank Feed Issues AGAIN! 11/13/18

 This is not a problem with downloading!

This is is a problem with the downloads being categorized improperly.  Also after reviewing and approving the downloaded transaction it still being miscategorized, or moved to the wrong account!

 I don't know how anybody could justify this being o.k. to happen on accounting software that people use to run their business with. 

 I have contacted intuit support by phone several times and have a case number. The only response is they are working on it. 


Wells Fargo Bank Feed Issues AGAIN! 11/13/18

We're receiving reports that other users are getting this error as well, @Brune.

We would like to inform you that this has already been escalated to our engineering team. Although we don't have a specific time frame as to when and how this will be mediated upon, rest assured that this is being looked into.


As soon as an update is received, I, or another member of the Community team, will be happy to update this thread to let you know so that you can get back to business.


Thanks for your patience as we continue working toward a resolution. Have a good one.

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Wells Fargo Bank Feed Issues AGAIN! 11/13/18

Still not fixed. 

QuickBooks Team

Wells Fargo Bank Feed Issues AGAIN! 11/13/18

Hello there, @Brune.


Thanks for following up on this thread. Allow me to share an update about the issue with Wells Fargo transactions showing as expense and vice versa.


Currently, transactions downloaded from Wells Fargo have the possibility to reverse money spent and received. These transactions should not be accepted into QuickBooks because it will negatively impact your books.


Our Online Banking Team and Wells Fargo are working together to resolve this issue as early as possible. While they do that, I suggest that you exclude the impacted transactions on the Banking page. Here’s how:
1.    Select Banking from the left menu.
2.    In the For Review tab, select the checkboxes of the transactions to exclude.
3.    When done, go to the Batch Actions drop-down and choose Exclude Selected

In the meantime, you can download transactions from the bank and import to QBO using the WebConnect feature. To learn more about WebConnect, you can take a look at this article:

I’d also recommend getting in touch with our QuickBooks Customer Care Team to have your account added to the list of affected users. By doing so, you’ll receive email notifications about the update of this investigation.

We thank you for your patience and understanding. Rest assured, we’ll also keep you posted here in the Community once the new update is available.

If you need anything else, please let me know. I’ll be here to help. 

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