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Why do I Can not use bank feeds feature?

The Quickbooks I used is 2017 edition used for more than 5 year. Now I want use bank feed  feature to connect bank account or import bank transaction data, but always error occurs  and can not get into bank feed connection page. The error is as attached picture. Ask for help . Can any nice expert give me a answer?



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Why do I Can not use bank feeds feature?

It is their default policy since years ago. The bank feeds feature is not available in any outdated QB Desktop version. You need a 3rd party tool to import bank statements in CSV/XLS format. Otherwise, you can still purchase the one time license for QBD 2021 to upgrade your version.

QuickBooks Team

Why do I Can not use bank feeds feature?

Good day, roenming2021!

I understand that you need to import your bank transactions into QuickBooks Desktop. Let me help you in fixing this error.

When a version of QuickBooks Desktop has been discontinued, there are features and services that will be discontinued too. One of them is online banking or bank feeds. Also, uploading transactions will also be stopped as well. You can check for more details here: QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation policy.

I suggest you upgrade to a supported version of QuickBooks Desktop to keep using other services such as bank feeds.

I also included some articles on how to manage the downloaded transactions and reconcile the accounts in QuickBooks Desktop:


I'd like to help you out again if you have more questions about banking. If you have something else to do in QuickBooks, let me know and I'll lend a hand. 

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