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WTF!!!!!! Can't work around 'nothing imported this account is up to date' error

I have changed the <FTID>

I have removed a digit on both the ACCTID and Bank ID

I have downloaded the file many times to change the above formats in new files


This side of the software has been buggy as hell in the past which sucks on it's own but these methods worked LAST MONTH for this account and they worked on my other bank account TODAY, but jesus I can't import basic transactional info into the software, I'm guessing they're trying to kill all the old pre-SAS software but I don't need anything new I just need the program I've paid for to work as it was designed.


Please help if you have an answer,

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Level 1

WTF!!!!!! Can't work around 'nothing imported this account is up to date' error

Well, I'm no expert, but have had this problem a few times when importing .QBO files.

Also, when I had previously imported a partial month of transactions (downloaded from bank using transaction dates), and then tried to import the full statement month, I got stuck (though deleting the digit from ACCTID solved that one for me.

These were the steps that were provided by QB for Mac support folks that I used. Step 4 is the one I don't see in your list of what you tried, and when I forgot to do that, it didn't work for me either...  Good luck

  1. From the Company menu, select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select the bank or credit card account you want to import the .qbo file into.
  3. Choose Edit Account then select the Online Settings button.
  4. From the Download transactions drop-down, choose Not enabled.
  5. Download a new QuickBooks web connect file from your bank using only the dates you need. Don't go back further to avoid manually matching transactions.
  6. Open the QBO file in a text editor like TextEdit.
  7. Scroll down until you see ACCTID and locate your account or credit card number.
  8. Delete the last digit of your account number then save your changes and close the text editor.
  9. Import your QuickBooks web connect file and select the correct account.

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