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Change bank account information where payments are deposited

When credit card payments are received from a customer, they are deposited into your checking or savings account.

You can change the bank account where these payments are deposited easily in the Online Service Center.

Here's how:

  1. Sign in to the Online Service Center. (Note: The Online Service Center is currently only available in English)
  2. From the menu on any page, choose Account > Account Profile.
  3. In the Deposit Account Information section, click Edit. (If you don't see the button, click add a bank account.)User-added image
  4. Select the Phone Number to recieve your confirmation code and the way you would like to receive it.
  5. Click Get Confirmation Code then enter the code you receive and proceed to the next step.User-added image
  6. Enter the routing and account number. For checking accounts, you can get this from the bottom of the check. For savings accounts, you may need to get the routing number from your bank.
  7. Click the Reason for this account change drop-down menu; Be sure to ONLY choose None of the above”. If this is not selected, all changes including the DDA will NOT successfully take effect.
  8. Click Submit.User-added imageNote: If the error: Routing Number Invalid occurs, you will need to verify the routing number with your bank or use the following website, to verify the routing number.

What type of bank account can I use for deposits?

You can send deposits to any standard business or personal checking or savings account based in the United States (foreign, out-of-country based bank accounts cannot be used). The account must be transactional, meaning that Intuit can deposit and withdraw money from it. (For more, scroll down to this article's What are invalid account types section.) Intuit deposits your payments to this bank account and also extracts payment fees from the same account. This bank account setting does not affect bank accounts in QuickBooks, it just sets a destination bank account for funds you accept through your payments account.

You can enter and save multiple bank accounts, but activate only one at a time. In other words, you can't send deposits to 2 different bank accounts simultaneously, but you may switch between deposit accounts at different times.

Important: The name on the bank account you use must match your payment account's Doing Business As name. Just as you can't cash a paper check made out to another person or organization, you can't deposit funds officially received by another entity.

You may not use any of these types of accounts:

  • PayPal
  • Lines of credit
  • Mutual fund accounts
  • Government accounts
  • Credit card checks
  • Routing numbers used for wire transfers
  • Paper draft accounts
  • Any non-transactional account

Note: Using these types of accounts will cause problems or errors when submitting the information (e.g. Enter a valid routing number, etc.)

Using an invalid account type may result in a returned transaction, payment delay and/or a suspension of payment funding.

When do funds start going into the new account?

This change takes effect immediately or the next day, depending upon what time of day you activate the new account:

  • Before 3 PM PST, the same day's deposit/fees draw to the new account
  • After 3 PM PST, the same day's deposit/fees draw to the old account and the next day's draw to the new account

When you add a NEW deposit bank account and have funds waiting, you usually get paid within 2-3 days.

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