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Updates to expense categories in QuickBooks Self-Employed

Learn what we updated with expense categories.

We renamed existing expense categories and created new ones in QuickBooks Self-Employed based on your feedback. We didn't delete any categories, but we did rename them so they're easier to identify. We also applied these changes to your past expenses so your categories are consistent. This should help you organize your expenses more accurately.

See how categories changed

Expense categories in QuickBooks Self-Employed are based on IRS Schedule C categories. Each time you categorize a transaction, QuickBooks matches it to a line on your Schedule C. When it's time to file your taxes, you'll be ready to go. Learn more about Schedule C categories.



Computers | New name: Computers (asset, usually > $200)
Copiers | New name: Copiers (asset, usually > $200)
Furniture | New name: Furniture (asset, usually > $200)
Phone equipment | New name: Phone (asset, usually > $200)
Photo/Video equipment | New name: Photo/video equipment (> $200)
Software package/suite | New name: Apps/software/web services (> $200)
Tools/equipment | New name: Other tools and equipment (> $200)

Business income

Business Income | New name: Income

Car and truck

Car & Truck | New name: Other vehicle expenses
Auto Insurance | New name: Vehicle insurance
Auto Loan | New name: Vehicle loan interest
Auto Repairs | New name: Vehicle repairs
Registration | New name: Vehicle registration

Comissions and fees

Commissions & Fees | New name: Other commissions and fees


HSA Contribution | New name: Health Savings Account contribution

Home office expenses

Home Office Mortgage Interest | New name: Mortgage interest (home office)
Home Office Home/Rental Insurance | New name: Homeowner/rental insurance
Home Office Rent & Lease | New name: Rent and lease (home office)
Home Office Repairs & Maintenance | New name: Repairs and maintenance (home office)
Home Office Property Tax | New name: Property tax (home office)
Home Office Utilities | New name: Utilities (home office)
Home Office Other Expenses | New name: Other home office expenses

Interest paid

Interest Paid | New name: Other interest
Business Loan | New name: Business loan interest
Business Mortgage | New name: Mortgage interest


Materials & Supplies | New name: Supplies

Office expenses

Office Expenses | New name: Office supplies/postage

Personal deposit

Owner's Deposit | New name: Personal deposit

Personal withdrawal

Owner's Withdrawal | New name: Personal withdrawal

Taxes and licenses

Taxes & Licenses | New name: Other taxes
Business Property Tax | New name: Property tax


Travel | New name: Travel expenses


Listing fees

Car and truck

Vehicle loan

Commissions and fees

Transaction/processing fees
Referral/broker/selling fees


Other property insurance

Interest paid

Business loan

Home office expenses

Mortgage (home office)

Office Expenses

Shipping fees

Rent and lease

Equipment rent and lease

Other business expenses

Apps/software/web services
Other tools and equipment
Photo/Video Equipment

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