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QB Community Rules of the Road



Welcome to QuickBooks Community!

You’ve found a fun, lively space packed with conversation, resources, ideas and hands-on (and heartfelt!) support for small businesses owners and self-employed folks just like you. Everyone on this site, from our community hosts to our awesome, engaged members, is dedicated to helping you run your business smoothly and efficiently. Just as important, we all want to have fun and make money along the way!


Here are three ways to quickly understand our QB Community goals and expectations:



Of course, we know it takes more than just helpful information to build a meaningful, supportive and safe site you want to visit every day. (By the way, we share our definition of “safe and supportive” in this important post.) That’s why we’ve put together a few Dos and Don’ts that reflect our values (and yours, too, we hope).  


Do This!

  • Be yourself. Behind every username is an authentic, curious, honest, one-of-a-kind person -- someone a lot like you!
  • Tell your story. The more experiences we share, the more we can learn. Whether you’re posting about an entrepreneurial high (your first sale! A rave review!), struggling with business blues (your balance sheet has more red than black, your work-life balance is out of whack) or something in between, we want to know all about it.
  • Share what you know. Worried that you’re posting a dumb question? On this site, there’s no such thing. Every question, idea or comment you contribute is a valuable part of our shared learning experience and helps us build our collective knowledge base.
  • Accept other points of view. As we make our way down the path of self-employment, we’re guaranteed to encounter a difference of opinion, strategy or perspective somewhere along the way. We’re committed to maintaining a positive, respectful environment, whether we agree or disagree with someone else’s approach.
  • Communicate your concerns. If a discussion topic, comment or post upsets you in any way, please reach out to your moderators or community hosts at once. We’re here to ensure your experience in the QB Community is positive and supportive.



Don’t Do This!

  • Engage in unhealthy debate. All posts need to be in the spirit of our safe, supportive, friendly community. We love and encourage healthy debate. We don't love (and won't tolerate) antagonistic critiques and personal attacks. If a post, comment or response doesn't help move a conversation in a positive direction, it will be removed. 
  • Promote your business (or your products or services). We hope you’ll include a link to your business website and social media pages on your profile page (you’ll find that link near the top of your personalized homepage). However, your QB Community profile is the only place for you to promote your business. Please don’t market your services or products (no matter how great they are!) in any public posts.
  • Post sensitive information like phone numbers or credit cards. Enough said (right?).
  • Spread spam. Spam, and/or mass marketing in any form is not permitted on the site. Spam can be defined as sending the same message repeatedly, and is annoying, intrusive and unprofessional, and it will be deleted immediately. Anyone who posts spam that’s malicious in nature will be permanently banned from the QB Community site.
  • Harass others. Our site prohibits participants from threatening, abusing or using any kind of insulting or demeaning language. We will not tolerate behavior toward, or communication with or about, another member that disrupts normal community participation in any way.
  • Use profanity. The QB Community is a professional space - let’s keep it clean, friends. Profanity or language that is otherwise hurtful or offensive is not permitted.
  • Promote illegal conduct. Intuit and its related sites (including the QB Community) prohibits the promotion of illegal conduct, activities or fraudulent schemes on the site.


Thanks for helping us make the QB Community a place for entrepreneurs to share, learn and connect!





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Note: Any violation of these guidelines or the terms of service can result in a corrective action, from a gentle warning to a permanent ban from the community. This is a partial list. The full list of dos and don’ts can be found in the Terms of Service.  


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Community Champion

QB Community Rules of the Road

I have seen some self promoting posts and spam.  Okay to flag both?

Community Manager

QB Community Rules of the Road

Absolutely, @lynda!  

Level 3

QB Community Rules of the Road

Hi @lynda. I agree with @LisaNullar. You can absolutely flag posts both for spam and for inappropriate promotions. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your efforts to keep this community clean! I makes a huge difference.

Level 7

QB Community Rules of the Road

Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. Remember, this is your community! :smileyhappy:

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