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Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub

Yesterday, we announced our initiative with GoFundMe, and if you haven't already, we encourage you to take a look and see if setting one up is right for your business.  You can read more about it on our Small Business Relief Initiative site.  


As part of the Small Business Relief Initiative, GoFundMe, Yelp, and Intuit QuickBooks have each donated $500,000 to the Small Business Relief Fund., the company’s charitable and advocacy arm, started the Small Business Relief Fund to benefit small businesses. Supporters can donate to the Small Business Relief Fund and will provide grants to small businesses across the United States, starting with the hardest hit areas. The Small Business Relief Fund will be issuing $500 matching grants to qualifying businesses that raise at least $500 on GoFundMe. More partners will be announced in relation to this initiative at a later date.


GFM add or support.png


Today, we want to use our Community as a place for small businesses to post their GoFundMe's links so we can all help each other in this time of need.   


Of course, the best place to look for businesses to support is by clicking on the green "Support a Fundraiser" link in the Small Business Relief Initiative above, but if you have created a GoFundMe, please feel free to link it here so others browsing Community can find and support your businesses.   When posting your link below, kindly include some information such as your city, state, and industry to form connections and allow others to easily find you. 


If you are looking for ways to support local businesses, please take a look at the links below.  If you want to search for a specific City or Industry, try pressing CTRL and F on your keyboard to search for keywords.   Kudos are also a great way to let people know you support them even if you can't offer financial assistance at this time.  


Thank you all for your support.  

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Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub

How can I share my GoFundMe Page with my intuit community? Hi, as mandated by the state, all non-essential retail businesses will remain closed until further notice in which my business was included. I'd received an email from intuit to start a GoFundMe Page to get help from supporters, but I am running through the challenge of sharing it through intuit community. Any suggestions? Thank you. Campaign Info:
QuickBooks Team

Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub

Hey there, AltanidiaBeautySupplies.

I'm here to help with setting up your GoFundMe. As you know Intuit and GoFundMe are launching the Small Business Relief Initiative. Together, the companies are pledging funds to support microgrants for small businesses that create a GoFundMe page through the joint initiative. Getting started is simple.

  1. Join the Small Business Relief Initiative.
  2. Select “Start a GoFundMe.”
  3. Create an account using your name and email address.
  4. Enter your goal and name your fundraiser.
  5. Select “Business & Entrepreneurs” from the dropdown menu.

Businesses like yours can create a fundraiser for free, promote fundraisers with their communities, and share their results on social media using the hashtag #SmallBizRelief. Visit GoFundMe’s website to find inspiration for your GoFundMe or to donate to another small business owner’s fundraiser. I'm here as well to help if you have any other questions.


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Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub

We started a GoFundMe to help our employees whose jobs have been impacted by the CIVID-19 virus.  Our stores were closed as we are considered a nonessential business. I understand that Quickbooks may be granting some money to the GoFundMe. We set our initial goal at $1,000. and to date we have reached $1,325!

This is our GoFundMe campaign :

QuickBooks Team

Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub



That is great news. We love to see people coming together at tough times like this.


Happy for you, and good luck moving forward!


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Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub

Hi Nick_M

How do we access the Small Business Grant of $500.? Today we are up to $1,425 in donations which is great. However, we have a number of employees that need a little cash while they are waiting for unemployment checks.  We hope to be able to reopen our business after April 30th. That's the new date the City Council voted on yesterday.  Hopefully it won't be extended again.

Anna S
QuickBooks Team

Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub

Hello, @CMGTL


Thank you for reaching back out to us after your GoFundMe goal has been met.


We're glad you're making sure your employees have a little extra cash until they receive their unemployment check. The Small Business Grant will ensure you can support them in this time of need. You can apply for it by going to the Small Business Administration website and making sure you fulfill the general requirements. 


We're here to help you until you can get back to business, so feel free to reply below if you have any other questions. Take care.

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Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub

Hi Anna S,

I thought Quickbooks and GoFundMe had teamed up to match $500.00 for campaigns that reached $500.00. Please help me understand.

QuickBooks Team

Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub

Hi there, CMGTL.

You're correct, Intuit has partnered with GoFundMe to help provide businesses with the financial support they need during these unprecedented times. This is called the Small Business Relief Initiative. A part of the initiative is the Small Business Relief Fund, where GoFundMe will issue $500 matching grants to businesses that qualify and raise at least $500 through their own fundraiser. Grants will continue to be given until the fund is depleted.

If you have a United States based campaign which benefits a small business, you can be eligible for a grant by meeting the following qualifications:

  • At least $500 raised through a GoFundMe fundraiser.
  • Have withdrawals set up.
  • The business owner must be set up as the beneficiary to the campaign if they aren't raising funds by themselves.
  • Add the hashtag #SmallBusinessRelief in your campaigns story and you'll receive an email explaining how to apply for a grant.

I'll leave you with a few extensive resources about the Small Business Relief Fund, which may come in handy:


If you have any questions, I'm only a post away. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Small Business Initiative GoFundMe Hub

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