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Creating a customer to apply payments has caused an error

When attempting to add a payment in the Record Merchant Service Deposits window within QuickBooks Desktop, the following error is returned:

"Creating a customer to apply payments has caused an error.  If you see this message for more than 24 hours, please contact customer support at 1-800-558-9558."


We have release updates that will mitigate this error from occurring in QuickBooks 2017 & 2018 with the most current update to your software

If you're on QuickBooks 2017 release patch 7 or QuickBooks 2018 release patch 3 and tried the workaround below and still receive this error, please contact support at 1-800-558-9558.


Attempt to access the customer list and add the online payments

  1. In QuickBooks, open the Banking menu.
  2. Select Make Merchant Service Deposit.
  3. Once loaded, click the Add Online Payments tab.
  4. Click into the first Customer name field.
  5. Start typing the Cardholder name or the customers name as it is shown in the customer list (If not editable, skip to sign up).
  6. Select the correct name from the Dropdown (if the customer list does not populate, skip to sign up).User-added image
  7. Use the Select All checkbox and click the Add Selected Payments button.

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