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1099 Checkbox - Recommendation for future releases

I am a bookkeeper, and every year I do about 40 sets of 1099s.  I always start by reviewing the vendors who may need a 1099, then check to see if the "Vendor eligible for 1099" is checkmarked to make sure I have all the information I need.


Quite often I find vendors that are not checkmarked.  The problem is - I have no way of knowing if they are not checkmarked because they do not need a 1099, or if my customer simply hadn't received or input their SS or EIN. Then I have to chase down my client to request W9s.  THEN, the following year, I will likely have the same exact question for the same vendor.  (I have over 40 clients, I can't remember all of their vendors info.)

It would be SOOOOO much easier if you simply put in a yes or no check mark.  That way, if it is checkmarked no, I can be assured the client has received a W9 and the vendor does not need a 1099.  If nothing is checkmarked, I know my client needs to request a W9 from their vendor. 


Every year, I get so frustrated that I have to go through all of this again. I'll put a note in the "additional fields" but it is annoying to have to check there.  Plus, if it is a new vendor, I won't have a note from the prior year.  

Please, please consider changing this.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had this issue.  If any other bookkeepers out there have this issue, please comment so QB sees this is a real issue.  

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1099 Checkbox - Recommendation for future releases

I agree that there should be a better way to see this. I had EINs disappear in QB between last year and this year. How is that even possible.  The Review 1099 Vendors screen does display all vendors and shows the tax ID and yes or no based on if you checked the box, but that alone is, in my opinion, not enough information.


Is a vendor ineligible (thus "No" even if you have their number recorded) because

  • they are a C corp
  • they are an S corp
  • they are an LLC that has elected to be taxed as an S corp

Yes, yes, yes, change their vendor name to reflect any of those situations, but that is simply extra work. There should be a selectable reason why they are ineligible.  I only had 7 sets but I had vendors that were in all 7 companies and may not have been eligible in prior years due to the $600 threshold. And, probably due to the need to remap each account during the 1099NEC review it took me most of a day.


I am also sure there are many other companies out there like ours that deal in private lending, both loaned and borrowed. We have to generate a 1099INT for non-mortgage interest we pay, as well as a 1098 to reflect interest received on land contracts.  I have a way to trick the system to generate the 1099INT by creating a 1099MISC and mapping the amount to a false box but I cannot directly create the necessary 1096 and get the right box at the bottom it checked.


1099 Checkbox - Recommendation for future releases

Thank you @KerriBookkeeper for taking the time to explain how this feature would be helpful for your business. I understand how having a different set up in their profile would clear up any doubt each year with that vendor. 


And thanks @john-pero, as always, for responding with your knowledge on the topic. I'm taking note of both of your comments and sending them to the right people. Again, thank you for your time and feedback. It's greatly appreciated!

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