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Access to data by QuickBook apps

I am new to QuickBooks Online.  I was searching for information on a particular report and came across the report in the QuickBook Online Apps.  However, the app wanted me to grant it access to my data.

I really don't want anyone having access to my data - I am probably not the only what that feels that way.    What would they have access to?  How secure is it?  It appeared to be a free app -- so that made me concerned about what they would be doing with my data.


If granted, what can apps access and what are they legally allowed to do with it?



Level 7

Access to data by QuickBook apps

Hi @BBTFinance770

Welcome to the Community!! It would all depend on the app and the company behind the app. If the app is in the QBO app center, it should have a description on the app and contact information for the company providing the app. You would need to contact the company behind the app to be sure about what they use and pull.

Hope this helps and you are able to find out!! :)

Level 15

Access to data by QuickBook apps

In order for any app to anything to help you, it has to access your data - that is a given.  In theory they only access data pertaining to the needs of the app.


Legally they can do anything they want with the data as long as it does not cause, or have the potential  to cause, you or your company harm.  But most all companies have a policy , terms of use, and or a contract for service, that covers things like sharing your email, etc.

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