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Adding Subcontractor Hours to Jobs

We use a staffing agency which supplies us with extra labor for larger/more time consuming jobs. We want to track the following: Who worked for us; the hours they worked, the name of our employee they worked with, the job they worked on. I've tried making an Excel sheet for this and it's...not pretty...


We receive an invoice from the staffing agency to pay for the hours worked so I don't want to add each person as a subcontractor.

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Level 15

Adding Subcontractor Hours to Jobs

You couldn't add each person as a vendor anyway since you pay the staffing company, well I guess you could list both, but ....
Have you checked with the staffing company to see if they can get you an itemized, by employee name/date/hours listing?

QB is an accounting package not a management tool, and that is what you are asking about, personnel management.

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