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Apple Pay

I have an existing QuickBooks Payments account. How do I set up Apple Pay and Pay Pal as an option for my clients to pay me? I currently default to ACH debit but have the option to allow them to pay by credit card. If they use Apple Pay or Pay Pal, what is the fee? I'm currently using desktop QuickBooks Pro 2016.

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QuickBooks Team

Apple Pay

Hi KimN,


Thanks for your post, I'm going to get one of my colleagues in the US Team to assist you with this.



QuickBooks Team

Apple Pay

Welcome, @KimN and thank you for coming to the QuickBooks Community for assistance. I have some insight on Using Apply Pay and Pay Pal with your QuickBooks Payments account to pass on. 


In order to begin accepting PayPal payments, you would first create an invoice and send it to your customer. When they open it from their email account, they'll already have the opportunity to select PayPal as their payment option. They'll use their PayPal credentials to sign into their account and then select their payment method.


For Apple Pay, the steps would be similar. First, create an invoice and select Credit card under Payment Options at the top of the screen. (You should see Apple Pay as one of the credit card types listed.) Fill out the invoice and send it to your customer.  
When they open it from their email, they'll be able to use Apple Pay if:

  • They have Apple Pay set up on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and
  • They view the invoice in Safari, and
  • They have an active credit card in their Apple wallet.

Your customer can then tap the Buy with Apple Pay or Apple Pay button and make the payment.


For more information please click the following links :


Apple Pay

If you need any help getting this setup, I'll be here to help.

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Apple Pay

I decided to try this out by creating a "dummy" invoice which I emailed to myself. My only options under payment options are credit card & bank transfer. (Also, I do not see this option at the top of the create invoices screen, it is at the bottom. Again, I'm still using QBP 2016.) I checked both of the boxes. However, the only options under credit card are Visa, M/C, Amex & Discover. There is no option for PayPal or Apple Pay. When I received the emailed invoice & proceeded to view & pay invoice, my only options were credit card & bank transfer. Is this something that is only available in newer versions of the software?

QuickBooks Team

Apple Pay

Hey there, @KimN.


Allow me to step in for a moment. I have a few steps I want you to check to make sure you don't see the option for Apple Pay on a dummy invoice: 

  • Create an invoice and select Credit card under Payment Options.
  • You should see Apple Pay as one of the credit card types listed. Choose this option. 
  • Fill out the invoice and send it to your customer (or yourself).  


If after following these steps you still do not see the option for Apple Pay, I recommend giving customer support a call. This will get you into contact with someone who can work with you directly. You can find contact information at the bottom of the page here.


If you have additional questions about this or anything else QuickBooks, don't hesitate to reach out to me here in the Community. 

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Apple Pay

Hey @KimN


Were you able to get Apple Pay going? If Apple Pay and Paypal are still not showing up for you, I'd disconnect the payment accounts (not all just those specifically), run an update, and then reconnect them. 

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