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Automatically Generated Invoice

I'm looking for a way to have quickbooks generate invoices automatically. Best case scenario the customer would click a button on our website and they would recieve an invoice corresponding to the button that they pushed.

Is there any feature like this? We end up sending lots of identical invoices...

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Automatically Generated Invoice

No, QB is not ecommerce nor can it be used as the back end for web site ordering.


There are free ecommerce web sites which puport to work with QBO to do something clos to what you are asking, hopefully someone here has experience with that actually happening.  



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Automatically Generated Invoice

Hey @Anonymous,


As Rustler mentioned, QuickBooks is limited in this area in being a direct point-of-sale, but there are other third-party apps such as PayPal and Square that integrate with QuickBooks. Rather than sending an invoice, the third party app would handle transactions and automatically update your QuickBooks data.


Depending on what kind of website you have, some of the pre-fabricated builders like WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix have simple plug and play buttons that take care of the API coding needed to actually complete a transaction. If you have your own custom website, you'd need to work with the POS program's API.

You can also look into other invoicing apps (Invoice Sherpa is a popular one) that offer other solutions. 

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Automatically Generated Invoice

Hi @Anonymous,


While I am inclined to agree with both James and Rustler, perhaps you could provide us a little more details if you do not mind.


You specifically said "best case scenario" if they clicked a button on your website, are we correct in assuming that this is meant to be an e-commerce solution?


You also stated that your "pain point" is that you end up sending out a lot of identical invoices, can you elaborate a little more, I assume you are saying that a lot of people are buying the same items, so the invoice is identical in nature.


Do people always pay for the item immediately, or do they pay later? (difference between a sales receipt and an invoice).


Why I ask the questions:


The most beautiful part about QuickBooks Online is their app marketplace! For years, businesses were stuck working around the functionality of their accounting platform but thanks to cloud accounting, it is possible to mold the accounting around the needs of the business. Your question is a great example of that.


There are a lot of creative ways to generate invoices from outside of QuickBooks Online but depending on your current workflow, and the software that you are currently using the answer will change. 


Hoping to provide you at least a new angle to approach your challenge from, here are a couple different scenarios and examples of solutions off the top of my head.


Recurring Billing:

For businesses that consistently charge the same amount on a repeatable schedule, QuickBooks Online can be setup to auto bill and charge the client every month. To accomplish this setup a recurring sales receipt within QuickBooks Online and set the payment method to be Intuits merchant processing (ACH or Credit card).  This will create the sales receipt automatically as well as charge the amount automatically as well. BUT please be sure to obtain consent from the client first with a signed ACH form or merchant agreement. 


Appointment Based Business:

Use a booking calendar like Acuity which integrates with QuickBooks Online as well as multiple merchant processors.  Acuity Scheduling allows you to sell classes, packages, and individual items which could be displayed as buttons on your website.  



There are countless solutions within this realm, the options will change based on your platform. The key to a successful integration here usually requires evaluating your CRM as well. You will want a strong relationship between your accounting, ecommerce, and your customer database. Even if your current CRM does not pay well with QuickBooks Online, it is possible they will integrate with Zapier and/or offer webhooks


Bridge Applications: (Zapier,, Dsync, and many more)

Applications like Zapier make it possible to bridge the connection between different programs through a cause and affect type relationship.  For example, at Parkway Business Solutions, we use Zapier to help us automate the creation of our client proposals as well as generate the initial billing.  


Matching a solution to the problem:

Depending on how painful your current process is and how quickly you need a solution, this is how we normally approach our search:


  1. Search the Intuit App Marketplace for Intuit approved applications and check out the reviews.
  2. If you find an app in the marketplace that is close to what you need, search google for alternatives, this should at least start your searches headed in the correct direction.
  3. Check out the bridge applications like Zapier and  This provides a very cost-effective way to create a solution for every unique workflow.  We usually use these applications as a temporary fix before or to validate a workflow concept before...
  4. Custom integrations and Webhooks: I always say, if you get a program to do 80% of what you want it to do, then you found a great program, if it does more than 80% you probably built it yourself.

Hey, I know I most likely did not answer your exact question, but I hope the examples helped or at least provided you another way to look for a solution.  Feel free to share some additional details and I bet one of the community members can help you out!


Best of luck,


Matthew Fulton


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Automatically Generated Invoice

Do check out the free payorCRM button . I think this is exactly what you are looking for

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