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bank feed for credit card

We’ve been tracking our credit card spending in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise by "entering a bill" with the credit card company as vendor, and then paying that bill.  This allows us to have all of the detailed job info for each purchase in the bill. We’d like to automate this and use the bank feed option, but we’re not sure what to do after we have charges get added to the register. Is there anything else we need to do to make sure everything reconciles?  With the "enter a bill" system QB would remind me to pay the bill on time, and it doesn't eem like the bankfeed option will do that unless I am missing a step.



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bank feed for credit card

Hello Finaco,


Thank you for connecting with the QuickBooks Community! I'm happy to share some information here. With Bank Feed, all your transactions from your credit cards and so forth are downloaded, and from there, you will simply need to match the transactions. There are three modes you can use. For example, with the Express Mode, Quickbooks tries to match bank feed transactions to any entries already in the related account, and then you approve those transactions.


I'm adding this article with a video presentation explaining how to use the bank feed and match the transactions.



If you need clarification on any portion, please let me know! I will be here to help. See you soon. 

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