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Bin labels for shelf using POS

Hello, I,m using QuickBooks POS 18. My store uses bin labels on peghooks to show the price of the item. I get a downloaded file from my vendor in excel format for cost and retail updates biweekly.  What I need from QuickBooks POS is a way to print new bin labels for the items that had thier cost and retails changed from the vendor file so that I may replace those bin labels on my peghooks. Sometimes this can be hundreds of items. Thanks John

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Bin labels for shelf using POS

The issue is that printing items tags is typically done direct from the items list, or a receiving voucher. Cost and Qty adjustments do not have a selection to print the items tags.

In most retail settings, the item price or cost is not changed until a new batch of items is received.

This is why items have a Cost, and an Order Cost field. The order cost is updated in anticipation of a cost change the next time the items are ordered.

QB POS was designed around single item sales, so its tag printing capabilities reflect that. Even the Price Manager does not allow you to print tags directly from it's menus.

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