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Budget Balance Sheet?

Anyone heard when this feature will be available?



Re: Budget Balance Sheet?

Hello EdSanderson,


QuickBooks Online offers a lot of various reports. However, Budget Balance Sheet isn't included. I'm taking note of it and I'll personally send this suggestion to our product developers. 


For now, available reports are for budgeting are Budget Overview and Budget vs. Actual. 


If you need more help with QuickBooks, please let us know. Thanks! 

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Re: Budget Balance Sheet?

We are using the present Budgeted PNL and Sales Budget by Class, to load and report on our budget, and find these features very useful.

Adding a Budgeted Balance Sheet input feature, is obviously much more challenging, but would be a HUGE help to any business preparing a budget, and is essential if ever you aspire to producing a Budgeted CASH FLOW - a really useful future requirement for most businesses.

Looking forward to an update on IF AND WHEN, otherwise I will continue top develop our EXCEL version.



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Re: Budget Balance Sheet?

I am assuming from your reply that you cannot pull the budgeted balance sheet data (through QuickBooks Budgeting & Forecasting) into a Statement Writer report?  Or Excel?  Correct.  I've been trying to find someone who is struggling with Budgeted P&L and Budgeted Balance Sheet and Budgeted Cash Flow reports also.  Thanks for your help.